Helicopter services in Greenland related to GEUS fieldwork 2011-2014 - more documents added January 21, 2011


The Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) every year carries out geological fieldwork in different regions of Greenland - primarily during the summer from June to August. The fieldwork often takes place in remote areas, where helicopters are the only practical means of transportation.

In 2010, three major field operations were carried out in Southwest, Southeast and East-Northeast Greenland along with a range of smaller operations (often with ad hoc helicopter support). This amounted to more than 300 helicopter hours. Over a period of four years (2007-2010), the need of helicopter assistance for in GEUS operations has varied from 109 to 314 hours per year with an average of 233 hours per year, including both Full Charter and Ad Hoc Operations. GEUS expects similar fieldwork activities for the years to come.

To pursue its objectives with respect to fieldwork in Greenland, GEUS intends to enter into a Framework Agreement with an experienced Service Provider that can provide GEUS with Helicopter Services in Greenland for a period of four years.

A contract notice regarding Helicopter Services in Greenland related to GEUS fieldwork 2011-2014 has been dispatched to the SIMAP portal (official site for European public procurement) on Thursday 23 December 2010, reference no. 2010-171786, to be published in the Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Community and the TED database.

Documents added January 21-2011

  • Questions and Answers_EU-Tender_ID2010-171786.pdf
  • SolemnDeclaration_limitation of debtors_UK.pdf
  • SolemnDeclaration_Article45_s1_2_UK.pdf

Service Providers are invited to submit tenders.

  • ContractNotice_HelicopterServices_2011-2014_ID-2010-171786.pdf
  • Enclosure1_InvitationToTender_ID2010-171786.pdf
  • Enclosure 2_Technical_Operational Specifications_ID2010-171786.pdf
  • Enclosure 3_Order Form_Specifications of Operation_ID2010-171786.pdf
  • Enclosure 4_FrameworkAgreement_ServiceProvider_GEUS_ID2010-171786.pdf
  • Appendix_C_ContactDetailsGEUS_ID2010-171786.pdf
  • Appendix_D_ContactDetailsServiceProvider_ID2010-171786.pdf

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