22 korte artikler om forskning inden for: Vand, olie, mineraler og miljø


GEUS har netop udgivet den årlige publikation Review of Survey activities 2007, som indeholder 22 korte artikler om institutionens forskning inden for vand, olie, mineraler og miljø.

Articles about activities in Denmark:

  • Diagenesis influencing the porosity of Upper Jurassic reservoir sandstones, Danish North Sea
  • Correlation of carbon isotope events in the Danish Upper Cretaceous chalk
  • Geophysical imaging of porosity variations in the Danish North Sea chalk
  • Palaeogene diatomite deposits in Denmark: geological investigations and applied aspects
  • Cenozoic palaeogeography and isochors predating the Neogene exhumation of the eastern North Sea Basin
  • A new Neogene biostratigraphy for Denmark
  • Mapping of buried tunnel valleys in Denmark: new perspectives for the interpretation of the Quaternary succession
  • Base Quaternary in the Danish parts of the North Sea and Skagerrak
  • Geology of outer Horns Rev, Danish North Sea
  • Use of geochemistry in groundwater vulnerability mapping in Denmark
  • Sedimentary facies and architecture of the Holocene to Recent Rømø barrier island in the Danish Wadden Sea
  • Evidence of stretching of the lithosphere under Denmark
  • Evironmental response to the cold climate event 8200 years ago as recorded at Højby Sø, Denmark

Articles about activities in Greenland:

  • A new programme for monitoring the mass loss of the Greenland ice sheet
  • The north-east Baffin Bay region, offshore Greenland - a new frontier petroleum exploration region
  • Geochemistry of greenstones in the Tasiusarsuaq terrane, southern West Greenland
  • New zircon ages from the Tasiusarsuaq terrane, southern West Greenland
  • Hans Ø, celebrated island of Nares Strait between Greenland and Canada: from dog-sledge to satellite mapping

Articles about international activities:

  • From science to practice in implementing the European Union's Water Framework Directive
  • KenSea - tsunami damage modelling for coastal areas of Kenya
  • Laser ablation analysis of bivalve shells - archives of environmental information
  • Fully automated analysis of grain chemistry, size and morphology by CCSEM: examples from cement production and diamond exploration

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Review of Survey activities 2007
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