Datapakke 1: GEUS2022_STENLILLE


Data packages are no longer available as independent products. Instead, individual processings can now be downloaded from GEUS’ Subsurface Data Portal.

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The aim of this data acquisition

As part of the global effort to reduce CO2 atmospheric levels, the interest towards geological Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) has increased significantly. Seismic investigations are important to identify areas where the geological conditions are suitable for safe and
sustainable storage.

This data package presents an innovative example of land seismic acquisition performed in Denmark to image the sedimentary stratigraphy in a candidate area for CO2 storage.

To achieve great investigation depths and at the same time guarantee dense spatial coverage at shallow depths, the data were recorded with a combination of geophones placed in a fixed geometry (10 m intervals) along the roadside and by a set of more closely spaced MEMS-based recorders mounted (2 m intervals) on a moving landstreamer.

Compared to the wireless data, the landstreamer scheme provided data of sufficient quality and with the additional advantage of high resolution at shallow depths.

Complementary use of both data reflection seismic imaging techniques provides information on the subsurface in a wide depth range, making such a survey highly promising for this purpose. Key reservoirs as well as the base of deep salt structures are imaged showing the potential of the survey. Potential faults and fracture systems have also  been noted requiring further investigations.


List of Deliverables

Field data / Raw data

  • Field data (SEG-D)
  • Passive data (SEG-D)
  • Raw data, Un- and Xcorrelated (SEG-Y)
  • Brute stack (SEG-Y)

Processed data

  • CDP gathers (SEG-Y)
  • Final stack (SEG-Y)
  • Final migration (SEG-Y)
  • GPS coordinates (ASCII)
  • Statics (ASCII)
  • Velocities (SEG-Y)

Intermediate files

  • Version 1 unmigrated stacks (SEG-Y)
    Version 2 unmigrated stacks (SEG-Y)

All above data - GEUS Seismic tape no. 300279

List of Reports

  • Seismic survey in Gas Storage Denmark, Stenlille 2022. Data processing workflow [PPTX]. Uppsala University for GEUS, 33 p. Publ. date: 29-04-2022, GEUS Report file no. 43165 (PDF)
  • Final report. Innovative land seismic data acquisition [and processing] for geological CO2 storage in Stenlille, Denmark. [Incl. document:
    Note on P1.5 and P4 only wireless delivered]. Uppsala University for GEUS, 43 p. Publ. date:05-97-2022,GEUS Report file no. 43166 (PDF)
  • Observers logs, GEUS2022_STENLILLE. Uppsala University for GEUS, 41 p. Publ. date: 28-02-2022, GEUS Report file no. 43168 (PDF)
  • Weekly reports week 1 and 2. GEUS2022_STENLILLE. Uppsala University for GEUS, 23 p. Publ. date: 12-08-2022 GEUS Report file no. 43169 (PDF)

Further readings

  • Papadopoulou, M., Malehmir, A., Zappalà, S., Gregersen, U., Nielsen, L. & Hjelm, L. 2022: Innovative land seismic data acquisitions for CO2 and energy storage applications. [EAGE, Near, Surface Geoscience, 2022, 1-4 (4 p.].