Datapakke 5 - undergrundsportalen

Data packages are no longer available as independent products. Instead, individual processings can now be downloaded from GEUS’ Subsurface Data Portal.

GEUS' Deep Subsurface Data Portal

Available processings

  • Knowledge of the Danish underground is crucial for the green transition and associated large construction projects, and GEUS has
    therefore decided to make data from the Danish deep subsurface free of charge
  • Seismic 2D data will be released during 2023 and 2024, and as a part of this process the fifth data package is now available to the
  • The output is organized in 8 separate datasets (original processings and released reprocessings of varying vintage, dataavailability and data-quality) primarily on the islands of Lolland and Falster, with some datasets also including lines in South
  • Please notice that data from vintage processings SSL6267 and SSL7273 in the area was previously released and are available in
    GEUS data package 2: Onshore2D – part 1


General list of deliverables:

(Deliverables will vary for the individual
Processing’s. For specific availability, please refer
to the Processing data content sheets)

  • Navigation data
  • Seismic data in digital SEGY-format
    • Be aware that some reprocessing's only
      contains parts of the displayed lines.
    • To verify the actual data extent please
      consult the SP/CDP interval in the
      relevant content sheets
  • Velocity data
  • Selected scanned 2D displays in tif-format
    • Black/white dataset, 400 dpi
    • Greyscale dataset (400dpi) available upon
    • Additional displays can be scanned and
      delivered upon request (additional cost)
  • Relevant reports