REE-Zr-Nb - Ilímaussaq complex, South Greenland - PhD defence: Anouk M. Borst


Anouk M. Borst defends her thesis: Mineralogy and geochemistry of REE-Zr-Nb mineralized nepheline syenites in the peralkaline Ilímaussaq complex, South Greenland

The rare earth elements (REE) share unique physical, chemical and light-emitting properties that are of great importance to the high-tech industry. Among the many rocks containing appreciable amounts of REE, alkaline igneous rocks and carbonatites provide important resources for these elements. This thesis focusses on the Mesoproterozoic Ilímaussaq complex (c. 1160 ± 5 Ma) in Southern Greenland, a well-known alkaline intrusion that hosts significant resources of REE, as well as zirconium, niobium, tantalum, uranium, lithium and zinc.

Professor Tod E. Waight, Copenhagen University
Senior researcher Henrik Friis, Natural History Museum, Oslo
Senior researcher Troels F.D. Nielsen, GEUS

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