Nyt geologisk kort i 1:100.000 over Kapisillit-området i Vestgrønland


Kapisillit kort The Kapisillit map sheet completes the 1:100 000 scale map coverage of the Nuuk/Godthåbsfjord region in southern West Greenland. The map area comprises tectonically interleaved and complexly folded Eoarchaean and Meso- to Neoarchaean orthogneisses and granitic rocks. Like elsewhere in the Nuuk region the orthogneisses contain numerous remnants of volcanic belts with gold potential and related anorthositic and ultramafic rocks. The region has had a complex structural and thermal evolution including several granulite facies episodes followed by Neoarchaean hydrous retrogression in its southern part. The map also covers part of the recently discovered, 158 Ma old Tikiussaq carbonatite.

Rehnström, E.F. 2011: Geological map of Greenland1:100 000, Kapisillit 64 V.2 Syd.
Copenhagen. Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland.
Printed: Laursen Grafisk A/S, Denmark 2011

Digital kompilering og bearbejdning: GIS-gruppen,Geologisk Datacenter (GEUS).
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