23 korte artikler om forskning inden for: Vand, olie, mineraler og miljø


I 23 korte artikler fortæller GEUS om institutionens forskning inden for grundvandskortlægning, geotermal energi i Danmark, kontinentalsokkelprojektet og overvågning af Indlandsisen. Alle artiklerne er på engelsk.

GEUS har netop udgivet den årlige publikation Review of Survey activities 2009, som indeholder 23 korte artikler om institutionens forskning inden for vand, olie, mineraler og miljø. Man kan her læse om bl.a. grundvandskortlægning, det geotermale potentiale i Danmark, kontinentalsokkelprojektet og overvågning af Indlandsisen. Alle artikler, som er tilgængelige i elektronisk form, er på engelsk:

Activities in Scandinavia

  • Late Cretaceous basin development of the southern Danish Central Graben
  • Identifying potential geothermal reservoirs in Denmark
  • Distribution and grain size of sand in the Miocene wave-dominated Billund delta, Denmark
  • 3-D geological modelling of the Egebjerg area, Denmark, based on hydrogeophysical data
  • Late Quaternary geology of a potential wind-farm area in the Kattegat, southern Scandinavia
  • Amino acid analysis of pre-Holocene foraminifera from Kriegers Flak in the Baltic Sea
  • Radon content in Danish till deposits: relationship with redox conditions and age
  • Recent changes in the nutrient status of a soft-water Lobelia lake, Hampen Sø, Denmark
  • Silica diagenesis and its effect on porosity of upper Maastrichtian chalk - an example from the Eldfisk Field, the North Sea

Activities in Greenland and the Faroe Islands

  • The Continental Shelf Project of the Kingdom of Denmark - status at the beginning of 2010
  • Greenland ice sheet monitoring network (GLISN): a seismological approach
  • The mineral resource assessment project, South-East Greenland: year one
  • Characterisation of host rocks and hydrothermal alteration of the Qussuk gold occurrence, southern West Greenland
  • Zircon record of the igneous and metamorphic history of the Fiskenæsset anorthosite complex in southern West Greenland
  • Application of airborne hyperspectral data to mineral exploration in North-East Greenland
  • Study of a Palaeogene intrabasaltic sedimentary unit in southern East Greenland: from 3-D photogeology to micropetrography
  • An advancing glacier in a recessive ice regime: Berlingske Bræ, North-West Greenland
  • Bathymetry, shallow seismic profiling and sediment coring in Sermilik near Helheimgletscher, South-East Greenland

International activities

  • Borax - an alternative to mercury for gold extraction by small-scale miners: introducing the method in Tanzania
  • Vietnamese sedimentary basins: geological evolution and petroleum potential
  • Potential for permanent geological storage of CO2 in China: the COACH project
  • Thin-skinned thrust-fault tectonics offshore south-west Vietnam

Web analysis and presentation of geo-data

  • Interactive web analysis and presentation of computer-controlled scanning electron microscopy data

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Review of Survey activities 2009
Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland Bulletin 20, 2010

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