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Mineral resources and raw materials

Geologer i færd med at undersøge mulige nye mineralforekomster i Grønland.
Bridges and buildings. Roads and wind turbines. TVs and telephones. More or less everything around us originates from processed mineral resources and raw materials. However, before we can build bridges and construct wind turbines, we have to locate the required resources, then mine and process them. A central part of GEUS' work is to provide scientific data that can form the basis for mineral resources and raw materials exploitation in Denmark and Greenland. In the long term, these data can lead to new gravel pits, new extraction sites and new mines.
In Greenland geological mapping contributes to our understanding of the geological processes that have led to the formation of mineral deposits. Geological mapping helps locate and identify areas of particular interest for mineral exploitation. Geological mapping and subsequent assessment of selected areas for exploitation form part of a long-term strategy to develop Greenland's mineral resources sector into a permanent and sustainable industry.
In Denmark research into raw materials aims in particular at providing knowledge about raw materials both offshore and onshore. The most important raw materials are stone, gravel, sand and clay, which are used primarily in building and construction projects in Denmark. GEUS communicates this knowledge to a broad range of stakeholders and, in so doing, provides an overview of where raw materials are located, and helps ensure the use of the right raw materials for the right purposes.
Center for Minerals and Materials (MiMa) deals with topics related to resource scarcity, and the value chain of resources/raw materials; from exploration and extraction to consumption and reuse.

Surveys of the chemistry, mineralogy and age of rocks are used for mapping the history of the geology.
Research and consultancy on mineral resources in Greenland to support targeted and sustainable exploration activities. 
Geological, geophysical and geochemical mapping of Greenland with a view to targeting mineral resources exploration. 
Consultancy on sustainable use of Danish raw materials, including identifying the scope and quality of resources. 
Research and development for authorities in connection with mapping marine raw materials in Denmark, as well as mapping and consultancy for industry. 

Analyses of mineral and raw material resources supplies, scarcity issues, and the value chain of resources; from exploration to production.

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Mineral resources and raw materials