GEUS på 32nd International Geological Congress, Florence, Italy, 20-28 August 2004

Publiceret 28-07-2004

De nordiske lande præsenterer en omfattende liste af aktiviteter sammen på årets geologiske kongres i Firenze.

GEUS præsenterer sine forsknings- og rådgivningsaktiviteter i samarbejde med de geologiske undersøgelser i Norge, Sverige, Finland og Island.
Besøg udstillingsområdet - "Nordic Countries - Lands of Ice and Fire"
Se efter vores stand - "Geology for welfare and balance"

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Plentiful clean drinking water

  • Geological maps and models
  • 3D National Water Resources Model
  • National groundwater monitoring
  • Pesticide Leaching Assessment Programme

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Renewable energy and CO 2 reduction

  • Geological foundation for geothermal drillings
  • Potential geological storage of CO 2

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Læs artiklen Verdens første CO 2 -lagringsanlæg til kraftværker

Improved oil exploitation and new discoveries

  • North Sea chalk reservoir research
  • Migration and accumulation of hydrocarbons
  • Thickness and porosity mapping
  • Chalk field filling history simulations

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The Jurassic - a period with great importance for society
A comprehensive 948 page book:

  • The Jurassic of Denmark and Greenland

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Oil and mineral resources as an important industry in Greenland

  • Geological, -physical and -chemical mapping
  • Data interpretation and resource evaluations
  • Focus on diamonds and gold

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Climate and environmental challenges

  • Marine geology to solve the climate puzzle
  • Monitoring the Greenland ice sheet

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Building a world with expertise

  • Building oil expertise in Vietnam
  • Geological capacity building in Ghana
  • Mining expertise to Romania, Tanzania, Kyrgyzstan, Laos
  • Water expertise to Vietnam, Ukraine, Latvia, Bolivia

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