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Contact information and CV

Anker Lajer Højberg
Anker Lajer Højberg

Technical University of Denmark, 1996, M.Sc., Specialization: Hydrology
Technical University of Denmark, 2001, Ph.D., Subsurface reactive transport


Broad expertise in hydrology and modelling at various scales including water quantity and quality

Extensive experience with coordination of small and large complex research and development projects involving multiple research and administrative organisations

Strong international project experience

Comprehensive experience with collaboration with Danish Agencies and other Water authorities involving stakeholder participation

Solid oral and written communication skills


Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS)
Senior Researcher, Department of Hydrology (2006-date)
Researcher, Department of Hydrology (2001-2006)

1996 and 2001
Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby, Copenhagen
Research Assistant

Research and Development Project Experience - Selected records:

Principal investigator in research and innovation project “Future Cropping”,, funded by the Innovation Fund Denmark

Co-ordinator of the research project “Transport and Reduction of Nitrate in Danish landscapes at various Scales” (TReNDS),, funded by the Danish Strategic Research Council, now Innovation Fund Denmark.

Principal researcher in research project Soils2Sea ( on nitrate transport to the Baltic Sea. Funded by the BONUS programme.

Project Leader for a research and development project on national scale modelling of nitrate transport and degradation.Funded by the Danish Nature Agency and Danish AgriFish Agency

2011- 2014
Work Package Leader in research project “Tools for Ground Source Heating and Cooling Based on Closed Loop Boreholes” ( a development and demonstration project (EUDP) funded by the Danish Energy Agency

Project manager of research project on modelling of extreme discharge and groundwater flooding. Funded by the Coordination Unit for Research in Climate Change Adaption (KFT)

Principal researcher in project estimating climate change impact on groundwater levels and stream discharge. Funded by the Coordination Unit for Research in Climate Change Adaption (KFT)

Project Manager for the National Water Resource Model (DK-model) (

Project participant in the EU-FP6 STREP Project “Functional Tools for Pesticide Risk Assessment and Management (FOOTPRINT)” SSPI-CT-2005-022704.

Project Manager for “Quality Assurance in Water Resources Modelling (NOVANAQuA) on Quality Assurance in Hydrological Modelling in Denmark”

Project participant in the EU-FP5 research project “Harmonized Modelling Tools for Integrated Basin Management (Harmoni-CA)“, EVK1-2001-00192

Project participant in the EU-FP5 research project “Harmonizing Quality Assurance in Model Based Catchment and River Basin Management (HarmoniQuA)“, EVK1-2001-00071

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