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Geological maps of Greenland

De Nationale Geologiske Undersøgelser for Danmark og Grønland (GEUS)
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Billede fra Grønland

Oversigtskort over Grønlands geologiske opbygning

1 : 2 500 000

Geological map of Greenland.
General geological map of the ice-free areas of all of Greenland, with lithostratigraphical and chronostratigraphical divisions. Offshore geology of the shelf and sea floor shown based on geophysical interpretation. Surface and subsurface contours are depicted on the Inland Ice, together with contours of the ice-thickness.


Interactive map

1:500000 Geological maps of Greenland.

1 : 500 000

Regional geological maps.
This 14 map series of the ice-free land areas of Greenland shows the distribution of rock types, orogenic belts, and lithostratigraphical and chronostratigraphical relationships. Thirteen sheets are published, with one sheet (No 6) in an advanced state of compilation. Most sheets are also available in CD-rom editions.

Geological map of Greenland series CD rom

1:250000 Geological map of North and Northeast Greenland
1 : 250 000

Geological maps of North and Northeast Greenland
Topographic maps of North and Northeast Greenland
The maps covers an area from 80°N on Greenland's Northwest coast extending eastwards to the northernmost point of Greenland and south to 70°N on the east coast; this comprises roughly half of Greenland's ice-free land area.

Interactive map - geology og topography in North and Northeast Greenland

Report about the dataset behind the 1:250.000 maps

1 : 100 000 Geological maps of Greenland

1 : 100 000

Detailed geological maps.
The 1:100 000 map sheets are the most detailed standard map sheets available, and depict both rock types and Quaternary deposits. A total of 56 sheets have been published, mainly covering areas in western Greenland. A block of 16 sheets covers the Scoresby Sund region of East Greenland, and there are four sheets in North Greenland.

1 : 500 000 KvartærGeological maps of Greenland

1 : 500 000

Regional Quaternary maps.
These sheets show the distribution of glacigene, glaciofluviatile, aeolian and marine Quaternary deposits. Four sheets in the 1:500 000 series have been published, and one supplementary sheet at 1:1 million.

Kortblade uden for serier

Map sheets outside series

* Airborne geophysical map sheets.

* Caledonian orogen East Greenland 70o - 82o N - Geological Map 1:1000000.

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