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Geological map of Greenland 1 : 2 500 000

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General geological map of the ice-free areas of all of Greenland 1: 2 500 000

Geological map of Greenland 1: 2 500 000

General geological map of the ice-free areas of all of Greenland, with lithostratigraphical and chronostratigraphical divisions. Offshore geology of the shelf and sea floor shown based on geophysical interpretation. Surface and subsurface contours are depicted on the Inland Ice, together with contours of the ice-thickness. The illustration shows the segments of the Atlas edition of the map. The folded and wall-map (unfolded) editions do NOT show the red lines of the Atlas segments.

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A folded edition of the map is issued with: Greenland from Archaean to Quaternary, published 2009 as Geology Survey of Denmark and Greenland Bulletin 18. www.geus.dk/publications/bull/nr18/index-uk.htm

Front cover of the map book Geological map of Greenland 1: 2 500 000
Atlas with segments of the map

This publication is a handy map book version of the geological map of Greenland in scale 1: 2 500 000.

The geological map depicts the geological composition of the ice free land areas at a surface level, and a representation of the submarine geology of the offshore areas.

The map has been compiled with the needs of the professional geologist in mind, but this map book may also be used simply as a handy atlas of Greenland in scale 1: 2 500 000. More than 280 place names are indicated. The book format is 21 x 24 cm.

The geological map was printed in 1995 as a wall map, but with a lay out also allowing formats both as a folded map sheet and a map book as the present one. The map is divided in 12 segments each of which is a double page in the map book.

General information concerning the map is shown in three segments. This includes: 1)A schematic cartoon representation of the geological evolution of Greenland. 2)The legend. Each geological unit is represented by a color accompanied by a code number, to be found in both the legend and on the map. The division of the map legend is based on a schematic chronological representation, from the oldest c. 3850 million years old units to the recent Quaternary sedimentary rocks. 3)The legend to the offshore areas and information of the data sources.

The last 9 segments show the various regions in Greenland, divided in such a way that the cuttings between the segments are causing least disturbance to the geology.

Greenland is the largest island on Earth with a width of up to 1250 km from east to west and a length of 2675 km from north to south. The Inland Ice covers about 81 % of Greenland and has a maximum thickness of c. 3.4 km. The ice-free strip of land surrounding the Inland Ice, in places up to 300 km wide, has an area of c. 410 000 km2. This ice-free zone is generally very well exposed and yields a wealth of geological information, notably in fjord walls and in mountainous areas. Greenland's surrounding continental shelf covers an area of approximately 825 000 km2.

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Order of wall map or atlas book

Segment 4 Segment 3 Segment 2 Segment 13 Segment 10 Segment 12 Segment 9 Segment 11 * Segment 8 Segment 5 Segment 6 Segment 7

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