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· AEM Greenland 1994-1998 A powerful prospecting tool, now on CD-ROM
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AEM Greenland 1994-1998 - A powerful prospecting tool, now on CD-ROM

A new CD-ROM release with images of air-borne electromagnetic and magnetic data from the project AEM Greenland 1994-1998 is hereby announced by the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS). The Government of Greenland financed this five-year project, which successfully acquired airborne electromagnetic and magnetic data from six different regions.
The CD-ROM provides an overview of data acquired during the five-year campaign. The data are supplied as Oasis MontajTM maps that can be viewed using the Oasis Montaj Free Interface. The viewer can be installed from the CD-ROM or it can be downloaded from the Geosoft web
Images are also provided as geo-referenced images in TIF-format that can be imported to GIS-software, e.g. ArcViewTM and PCITM.

AEM Greenland 1994-1998 encompassed high-resolution, multi-parameter surveys (electromagnetic, magnetic and in one case also radiometric data) each from 1994 to 1998 producing a total of 75 000 line-kilometres.

· 1994: GEOTEM survey in Inglefield Land, North-West Greenland. The area is underlain by the Early Proterozoic crystaline shield (Inglefield mobile belt) overlain by Proterozoic to Cambrian platform sequences.

· 1995: GEOTEM survey in the Maniitsoq-Nuuk area of southern West Greenland, located within the northern part of the Archaean craton of West Greenland. Massive sulphides are known in the so-called 'Norite Belt' and in Archaean greenstones, together with late kimberlite dykes/diatremes(?) are some of the probable targets in this region.

· 1996: Helicopter-borne survey in the Grønnedal region, South-West Greenland. Five separate blocks were mapped, primarily covering the Archaean Tartoq and the Early Proterozoic Ketilidian supracrustal belts.

· 1997: GEOTEM survey of the northern portion of the Jameson Land basin. This basin is composed of thick sequences (up to 17 km) of Palaeozoic and Mesozoic sediments of continental and marine provenance, injected by Tertiary sills, dykes and intrusions.

· 1998: GEOTEM surveys in two areas. A survey was conducted in Washington Land and Daugaard-Jensen Land of western North Greenland over Lower Palaeozoic sedimentary deposits. The other survey was in J.C. Christensen Land, eastern North Greenland where the thick Proterozoic and Paleozoic succession contains basaltic rocks.

The CD-ROM is issued with a report that gives a brief description of the data, an introduction to the geology and a number of key references.

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