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· Get the key to your favourite commodities CD-ROM released packed with data on the mineral potential of South Greenland
· Greenland gold mine: decision expected early 2001 Crew Development Corporation seems solidly targeted at a mine at Nalunaq
· New diamond finds close to Greenland Diamondiferous kimberlite dykes in Labrador are neighbours to the Greenland kimberlite province
· Revival of kimberlite exploration in West Greenland More dykes located during 2000 field work in West Greenland
· Greenland deposit of tantalum 'Resource' can soon be turned into 'Reserve' of world-class size
· Field team examines noble metal veins in East Greenland Evaluation of the Amdrup Fjord - Flammefjeld vein type occurrences
· New three-year resource assessment programme in West Greenland 70 000 sq. km from Kangerlussuaq Fjord to Disko Bugt
· Greenland drill-core library now operational in Kangerlussuaq A successful move from Copenhagen to West Greenland
· Skaergaard palladium deposit Drill cores now on display in Copenhagen and in Kangerlussuaq
· A new look at Greenland mineral deposits Airborne hyperspectral mapping launched in East Greenland
· 'This is GREENLAND 2000-2001' A wide range of practical information about Greenland also on the web
· The future with Greenland MINEX News Online form will be available soon

Get the key to your favourite commodities
The hitherto most comprehensive digital compilation of earth science data from Greenland - The South Greenland CD-ROM - is now available from the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS).
Many geoscientific activities were conducted during the second half of the last century in South Greenland and most of the information has been hitherto available in traditional formats, such as printed papers, reports, maps, field notes, etc. The demand for digital versions of geoscience data, preferably with a GIS association, is ever increasing. Based on comments from potential users, not least readers of MINEX, the consensus is that unless data exist in easily accessible digital formats, valuable information will escape notice by busy explorers.
The digital data now available are part of the final assessment of the mineral resource potential of South Greenland. The data comprise a wealth of information for exploration experts and Greenland geology users.
The CD-ROM contains an ArcView project file with accessory data and text files. Topographic, geological, geophysical, geochemical, mineral occurrence, mineral exploration and remote sensing spatial data sets are presented as maps or images. Tables give details on samples, chemical analyses, geo literature and company reports. Files in PDF format provide a geological summary and descriptions of 107 mineral occurrences.
Have a look at, where the compilation is described in more detail and where examples from the CD-ROM are demonstrated. Two printed reports have been released and a package containing the CD-ROM and the reports can be purchased. Contact GEUS by phone, fax or at
The price for the package is DKK 1340, or approximately US$ 170. Customers in Denmark should add 25% Danish Value Added Tax (moms). The package is mailed free of charge around the world.

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