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· NunaMinerals A/S: a new Greenland minerals company
· Microdiamonds galore but persistence.....elusive.....gems.....sometime
· Airborne geophysical surveys 1992-1998
· AEM Greenland and Aeromag surveys 1998
· Greenland's national mineral hunt (Ujarassiorit) in its 11th year
· Recent Survey open-file reports
· Announcing a new edition of Trade and Industry in Greenland

Mineral huntGreenland' s national mineral hunt (Ujarassiorit) in its 11th year
Ujarassiorit 1997 and 1998, results and awards
The domestic mineral hunt programme, Ujarassiorit, has been running for a decade. The Greenlandic name Ujarassiorit, that means "go out and look for rocks", reflects the long-term wish of the Greenland government to involve its residents in the geology and mineral potential of the country. The programme is organised by the Bureau of Minerals and Petroleum in Nuuk as a yearly competition. All permanent residents are invited to collect and submit rock samples that on face value seem interesting from an economic point of view. Prizes are given to those samples that show promising mineral potential in relation to their location, in other words samples collected at known mineral deposits are not honoured.
The broader perspective behind Ujarassiorit is the government's policy to define the country's economic mineral potential; public awareness of this potential is important for future exploration and mining ventures.
1998 awards
The 1998 rock collection comprised 650 samples; about 20 were chosen for chemical analysis. The first prize of 25 000 DKK was given to the sender of sulphide-bearing quartzite collected from the Palaeoproterozoic metasediments of Kobberminebugt in South Greenland, that returned 213 ppm Ag, 299 ppm Bi and 5539 ppm Pb.
The next two prizes (15 000 DKK each) were awarded for gold-bearing samples from the Uummannaq and Nuuk districts of West Greenland. The last prizes (total 20 000 DKK) were given to eight collectors of samples with anomalous Cu, Ni, Pb, Au and U.
Report available
A report dealing with Ujarassiorit 1997 is available from the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland in Copenhagen and from the Bureau of Minerals and Petroleum in Nuuk. The report briefly describes the prize-winning samples from the 1997 competition. Out of the 980 rocks samples that were sent in, 26% were analysed. The report contains locality maps of anomalous samples and lists all chemical analyses. (Ujarassiorit 1997: public mineral hunt programme in Greenland by M. Roos. Danmarks og Grønlands Geologiske Undersøgelse Rapport 1997/72, 9 pp + appendices. Price: 150.00 DKK.

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