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· Bureau of Minerals and Petroleum
· The Nalunaq gold deposit, South Greenland
· Diamond exploration continues in West Greenland
· Airborne geophysical surveys in 1998
· Mineral exploration in the Uummannaq region, West Greenland
· Commercial drilling programmes in 1998
· New product: CD-ROM thematic maps
· The Citronen Fjord massive sulphide deposit
· Mineral licence map

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New Greenland governmental office
A new chapter in the administration and promotion of Greenland' s economic resources has begun. The transfer of the responsibility for the mineral and petroleum resources from the Danish government in Copenhagen to the Greenlandic government in Nuuk has long been on the political agenda. It is now a reality.
On 1st July 1998, the Danish Mineral Resources Administration for Greenland, with offices in Copenhagen was abolished. It is replaced by the Bureau of Minerals and Petroleum (BMP) with headquarters in Greenland' s capital Nuuk.
This change means that the political responsibility for all matters relating to the administration of Greenland' s mineral and hydrocarbon resources (onshore and offshore), including the issuing of all licences relating to exploration and exploitation, lies with the BMP in Nuuk. The types of licences available to commercial companies, as well as their contents, remain unchanged, as do the judicial procedures of the granting of licences under the Act on Mineral Resources in Greenland. All licences continue to be granted by the Danish-Greenland Joint Committee on Mineral Resources in Greenland.
The close cooperation between the Greenland authorities (BMP) and institutions in the Danish Ministry of Environment and Energy will also continue, for example with the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS), the Danish Energy Agency (DEA) and the National Environmental Research Institute (NERI).
The new director
The first director of the BMP is Hans Kristian Schønwandt, a geologist by training, and with working experience in industry, university and in government. He is well known in mining circles associated with Greenland through his many years as head of the Department of Economic Geology at the Geological Survey of Greenland, and from
1995 at the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS).

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