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FACT SHEETS – Exploration and mining in Greenland

Fact sheets for the mining industry and others interested in the geologists' hunt for minerals in Greenland.
The sheets are written in English and are illustrated with photographs and graphs. Published at irregular intervals.

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Geology and mineral occurrence map of Greenland
green-min-2012.pdf (~1 mb)

Fact Sheet No. 29

aFieldWork - An Android App for offline recording of geological localities

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go_fs29.pdf (~1.4 mb).
Fact Sheet No. 28

Seamless Geological Map of Greenland - Scale 1:500000

Download pdf-file
go_fs28.pdf (~7 mb).
Fact Sheet No. 27

Airborne geophysical surveys in Greenland

Download pdf-file
go_fs27.pdf (~3 mb).
Fact Sheet No. 26

Greenland Mineral Resources Portal - www.greenmin.gl

Download pdf-file
go_fs26.pdf (~300 kb).
Fact Sheet No. 25

Zinc potential in Greenland

Download pdf-file
go_fs25.pdf (~400 kb).
Fact Sheet No. 24

PGE deposits in Greenland

Download pdf-file
go_fs24.pdf (~200 kb).
Fact Sheet No. 23

Geology of the South-East Greenland Archaean craton

Download pdf-file
go_fs23.pdf (~1.0 mb).
Fact Sheet No. 22

Greenland geological environments favourable for mining

Download pdf-file
go_fs22.pdf (~0.2 mb).
Fact Sheet No. 21

UJARASSIORIT - The National Mineral Hunt

Download pdf-file
go_fs21.pdf (~0.6 mb).
Fact Sheet No. 20

The unexplored mineral potential of South-East Greenland

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Download pdf-file
go_fs20.pdf (~3,2 mb).
Fact Sheet No. 19

Map of geological environments and selected mineral occurrences

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Download pdf-file
go_fs19.pdf (~2.4 mb).
Fact Sheet No. 18

Greenland geo-information available on the web

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Download pdf-file
go_fs18.pdf (~500 kbyte).
Fact Sheet No. 17

Mineral potential of the Thule Basin

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Download pdf-file
go_fs17.pdf (~500 kbyte).
Fact Sheet No. 16

Banded iron formation' (BIF) deposits

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Download pdf-file
go_fs16.pdf (~700 kbyte).
Fact Sheet No. 15

The lead and zinc potential of the Franklinian Basin in North Greenland

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Download pdf-file
go_fs15.pdf (~500 kbyte).
Fact Sheet No. 14

Barite and celestite in central East Greenland

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Download pdf-file
go_fs14.pdf (~230 kbyte).
Fact Sheet No. 13

A world class deposit in the Skaergaard intrusion

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Download pdf-file
go_fs13.pdf (~220 kbyte).
Fact Sheet No. 12

The mineral potential of the Palaeogene intrusions, East Greenland

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Download pdf-file
go_fs12.pdf (~450 kbyte).
Fact Sheet No. 11

The Malmbjerg porphyry molybdenum deposit, East Greenland

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Download pdf-file
go_fs11.pdf (~275 kbyte).
Fact Sheet No. 10

Greenland Mineral Occurrence Map on-line

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Download pdf-file
go_fs10.pdf (~750 kbyte).
Fact Sheet No. 9

Greenland's prospective nickel resources

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Download pdf-file
go_fs09.pdf (~250 kbyte).
Fact Sheet No. 8

The Taartoq gold field, South West Greenland

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Download pdf-file
go_fs08.pdf (~250 kbyte)
Fact Sheet No. 7

Diamond exploration in Greenland

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Download pdf-file
go_fs07.pdf (1 450 kbyte)
Fact Sheet No. 6

Gold in the Nuuk region of West Greenland

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Download pdf-file
go_fs06.pdf (850 kbyte).
Fact Sheet No. 5

Map of known mineral occurrences in Greenland

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Download pdf-file
go_fs05.pdf (920 kbyte).

High resolution map
green-min-2003.pdf (610 kbyte)
Fact Sheet No. 4

Geochemical data as exploration tools in West and South Greenland

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Download pdf-file
go_fs04.pdf (106 kbyte).
Fact Sheet No. 3

Deposits of speciality metals in South Greenland

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Download pdf-file
go_fs03.pdf (1 470 kbyte).
Fact Sheet No. 2

Early mining activities in South Greenland

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Download pdf-file
go_fs02.pdf (1 059 kbyte).

Fact Sheet No. 1

Gold mineralisation and gold potential in South Greenland

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Download pdf-file
go_fs01.pdf (1 213 kbyte).

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