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Pesticides and Groundwater, Final Report, 1996-1999
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Pesticides and Groundwater, Annual Report 1998 (download pdf-file)
The objectives of the Centre.
Expected results.
Contents of the subprojects.
Participating institutions, co-operation, centre council and centre management.
Scientific contact and further information.

Conceptual design of the research programme "Pesticides and Groundwater", comprising laboratory experiments, field studies and regional modelling.

The objectives of the Centre.
The activities of the Groundwater Group in relation to the issue "Pesticides and Groundwater" are aimed at developing the existing very limited knowledge of the physical, chemical and microbiological conditions and processes that determine the sorption, degradation and transport of pesticides, both in the strata above the groundwater level and in the aquifers. Further, based on the results of laboratory and field studies, efforts are being made to develop models for determining the migration of pesticides in large run-off and take-in areas where the structure and properties of the strata can vary a great deal. The Centre activities have been subdivided into three projects reflecting these overall objectives:

The specific objectives of Project 1, which deals with the strata above the groundwater level, are:

In Project 2, which addresses aquifers, the specific objectives are:  
Lastly, in Project 3, which addresses operational modelling of pesticide transport in large areas, the specific objectives are:  

Scientific contact person
Jens Aamand, Ph.D, Senior Scientist, GEUS.
Additional information
Arne Dinesen, Chief Geologist, GEUS, Øster Voldgade 10, DK-1350 Copenhagen K.
Tel.: +45 38142000 - Fax: +45 38142050 - e-mail: 

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