Greenland minerals mapping  
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Explore the mineral resources and geoscientific data of Greenland

Use the Greenland Mineral Occurrence Map to explore selected geoscientific data relevant for mineral resources in Greenland. The Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland has developed the map for the Bureau of Mineral and Petroleum. The facility will gradually be enlarged to include information from many regions in Greenland. Information on the project, definitions and further explanations are available elsewhere on the page. Use the clickable map or the corresponding links below. This will open a new window in GEUS´ ArcIMS environment.

Entire Greenland

Geological environments and related mineral occurrences

Regional data compilations
Regional compilations have so far been included from the following regions:

Nuuk Region (63°30'-66°N) - the Palaeoproterozoic mobile belt, encompassing the Akia, Akulleq, and Tasiusarssuaq terranes

West Greenland (66°-70°15'N) - the Palaeoproterozoic
Nagssugtoqidian, Rinkian Orogen and the adjacent North Atlantic Craton

South Greenland south of 62ºN – the Palaeoproterozoic Ketilidian Orogen and the southernmost part of the North Atlantic Craton

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West Greenland (66-70°15´) Entire Greenland Nuuk Region South Greenland
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