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The National Groundwater Mapping Programme, which has been operative since 1999, was divided into a considerable number of sub-areas to facilitate administrative handling and ensure that priority criteria may be fulfilled. Furthermore, the programme is administered by seven local offices under the Ministry of Environment and the majority of the practical work is performed by private consulting companies. Careful and standardized data management is required to ensure that the resulting 'patchwork' carries a high and uniform quality with no visible seams. The GERDA database has made the data logistics practicable.

Accordingly, extensive efforts have been dedicated to producing standards and guidelines for data acquisition and processing covering the geophysical methods used most frequently in Denmark.

The following standards and guidelines are currently available:

Airborne (SkyTEM) transient EM (English),
Ground-based transient EM (Danish),
Geoelectrical profiling (for Earth Resistivity Imaging and PACES, Danish),
Reflection seismic profiling  (Danish),
Borehole logging (Danish).

Furthermore, calibration procedures have been established to ensure the reproducibility and repeatability of the acquired data. For the TEM method, a National test site was appointed to facilitate absolute calibration of TEM data acquisition systems, ground-based and airborne alike. The National TEM test site was established in 2001 after it was realized that identically manufactured TEM acquisition systems produced diverging data. For more information about the TEM test site, please see this paper presented at EAGE Near Surface 2010.


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