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Groundwater 2000
International water organizations:
Development Goals
- The International Development Goals set targets for reductions in poverty improvements in health and education, and protection of the environment. - 23/01/2002
Earthscan Publishers
- World Water Vision Report can be purchaged from here. "Making Water Everybody's Business". Authors: William J Cosgrove and Frank R Rijsberman, for the World Water Council - 05/06/2000
FAO,The Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN
- FAO is much involved in land and water development worldwide, often with an inclination towards agriculture use of water, but increasingly also on management issues. - 14/02/2000
Global Runoff Centre
- The GDRC operates under the auspices of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). It closely cooperates with other UN-agencies, International organisations and research institutes. Major activities of the GRDC include the collection and dissemination of river discharge data on global scale, and the provision of data products and specialised services for the research community, water managers and water-related programmes of the specialised agencies of the United Nations (UN) - 17/02/2000
Global Water Partnership, GWP forum
- Global Water Partnership. GWP is an international network of organisations and institutions. GWP members are equal partners, interested in water resources development and management, and are committed to the Dublin-Rio principles - 14/02/2000
ICID, International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage
- The International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID) was established on 24 June, 1950 as a Scientific, Technical and Voluntary Not-for-profit Non-Governmental International Organization (NGO) with headquarters in New Delhi, India. - 14/02/2000
International Institute for Sustainable Development
- The International Institute for Sustainable Development meets this challenge by advancing policy recommendations on international trade and investment, economic instruments, climate change, measurement and indicators, and national resource management to make development sustainable. - 14/02/2000
International Water Association, IWA
- IWA was formed in 1999 by the merger of two long established international organisations, IAWQ (International Association on Water Quality) and IWSA (International Water Services Association). - 20/02/2000
- Guide to Organizations - IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre The Hague, The Netherlands. Focus on water supply and sanitation in developing countries. - 14/02/2000
Second World Water Forum
- The Second World Water Forum and Ministerial Conference aims to foster public awareness and generate commitment at a political level. 17-22 March 2000 The Hague, The Netherlands. - 14/02/2000
Stockholm International Water Institute
- Stockholm Water Symposium. The Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) is an umbrella organization for global water related scientific activities initiated in Stockholm. - 14/02/2000
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
- UNEP's Strategy and Actions. Water Programme. Freshwater Unit. The Freshwater Unit exists to promote integrated management and use of freshwaters, enhance environmental quality and promote environmentally sustainable socio-economic development. - 14/02/2000
Water Resources Development and Management Service (FAO, Rome, Italy)
- Water management and irrigation play a significant role in achieving food security in many countries. The mission of the water resources, development and management service (AGLW) is to promote efficient use and conservation of water resources to achieve food security and sustainable agriculture and rural development - 14/02/2000
Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council
- WHO, Switzerland. Established in 1990 at the end of the International Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Decade. Purpose is to maintain momentum of the Decade. - 14/02/2000
WCD, World Commission on Dams
- Cape Town, South Africa. The WCD is an independent and international commision established in May 1998. Its objectives are to undertake a global review of the development effectiveness of large dams and to develop internationally acceptable criteria and guidelines for future decision-making on dams - 14/02/2000
World Bank
- Regarding water related issues, much information can be found on water markets and pricing principles, water management models, case studies, and recent publications and news. - 14/02/2000
World Water Council
- Marseilles, France. The International Water Policy Think Tank. - 14/02/2000
World Water Vision (World Water Council)
- The World Water Vision exercise is a program of the World Water Council. Industrial and private water demands have grown to exceed natural supplies in many parts of the world. Water vision is designed to build a concensus among professionals and stakeholders to design management plans that avert further water crisis. - 14/02/2000

International research coorporation:
CGIAR, Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research
- CGIAR's mission is to contribute to food security and poverty eradication in developing countries through research, partnership, capacity building, and policy support. Established in 1971. - 14/02/2000
Global Hydrology and Climate Center
- A joint venture between government and academia to study the global water cycle and its effects on climate. Huntsville, Alabama, USA. - 14/02/2000
- International Association for Environmental Hydrology. The International Association for Environmental Hydrology (IAEH) is a worldwide association of professional environmental hydrologists. Founded in 1991. - 14/02/2000
IAEA Isotope Hydrology Section
- Isotope techniques based on the natural abundance or environmental isotopes (both stable and radioactive), as well as artificial radioactive tracers, offer effective tools, with proven technological and economic benefits, for water resources assessment, development and management - 26/03/2000
- The International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS) is the oldest and foremost international nongovernmental organization which deals with hydrology and water resources. - 14/02/2000
- The International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH) is a scientific and educational organisation. It exists to promote the study and knowledge of hydrogeological science and its application for the common good throughout the world. - 14/02/2000
International Hydrological Programme (UNESCO)
- IHP is a vehicle through which member states can upgrade their knowledge of the water cycle and thereby increase their capacity to better manage and develop their water resources - 14/02/2000
Water Research Network (WRN)
- A multi-disciplinary database of research, researchers and institutions dealing with freshwater issues all over the world. You are welcome to add information about your water research in the network. - 05/11/2002

North America:
Americal Water Works Association
- The American Water Works Association (AWWA) is an international nonprofit scientific and educational society dedicated to the improvement of drinking water quality and supply. Founded in 1881. The largest organization of water supply professionals in the world with more than 50,000 members - 14/02/2000
Canadian Water Resources Association
- The Canadian Water Resources Association is a national organization of individuals and organizations interested in the management of Canada's water resources - 14/02/2000
- Groundwater Remediation Technologies Analysis Center (GWRTAC), Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC), the University of Pittsburgh, and other supporting institutions. The Groundwater Remediation Technologies Analysis Center (GWRTAC) compiles, analyzes, and disseminates information on innovative ground-water remediation technologies. - 14/02/2000
Hydrological Modeling Resources
- Extensive listing of web pages including sections on General Hydrologic Resources and Distributed Hydrologic Models - 14/02/2000
Hydrology web
- Pacific Northwest National Laboratory's Environmental Technology Division (ETD. Hydrology Web has been updated with a new look and additional pages. New pages include: International links divided by country, Job listings, and a discussion page. - 14/02/2000
International Ground Water Modeling Center
- Colorado School of Mines. The International Ground Water Modeling Center is an internationally oriented information, education and research center for ground-water modeling. IGWMC advises on ground-water modeling problems, distributes ground-water modeling software, organizes short courses and workshops, conducts research in practical, applied areas of ground-water hydrology and modeling, and provides technical assistance on problems related to ground-water modeling. - 14/02/2000
- Chemical Safety and the Solvent Safety Databases on CD-ROM: SOLUTIONS Software Corporation. SOLUTIONS Software Corporation, founded in 1992, is an innovator in the publication of low cost reference databases. The mission is to provide essential reference data to the general public at the lowest possible costs. 1795 Turtle Hill Road, Enterprise, Florida 32725 USA - 14/02/2000
Scientific Software, USA
- Scientific Software Group, an Internationally-known software and publications company established in 1984, has a long tradition of excellence in providing the most advanced and comprehensive environmental software and publications available today - 17/02/2000
USGS Pesticides in the Hydrologic System
- The Pesticide National Synthesis Project is part of the U.S. Geological Survey's National Water Quality Assessment Program (NAWQA). The program began in 1991 with the purpose of producing a long-term assessment of the status of and trends in the quality of the Nation's water resources - 14/02/2000
USGS Water Resources Information
- Water Resources of the United States. Links to water data, publications and product, technical resources, programs,local information and connections - 14/02/2000
USGS Water Resources of Alaska
- Glacier and Snow Program - 14/02/2000
Waterloo hydrogeology
- Ontario, Canada. Waterloo Hydrogeologic Inc. is known from development and application of numerical and analytical modeling techniques for groundwater flow and contaminant transport interpretation (Flowpath etc.) - 14/02/2000
Web Resources for Geomorphologists
- Geomorphology lab at Miami University. Links to hydrology, digital topography, erosion, sedimentation, floods and flooding, climate and weather, remote sensing, GIS, landslides - 14/02/2000

Latin America and the Carribian:
ACUCAR, Aguas de Cartagena S.A.
- Colombia.Empresa mixta de servicios públicos, fundada el 25 de junio de 1995, tiene un compromiso social con la gente y su calidad de vida, a través de la captación, transporte, tratamiento, almacenamiento y distribución del agua en la ciudad de Cartagena de Indias, Patrimonio de la Humanidad - 14/02/2000
Ambiente Ecológico
- Supported by WHO and IFRC, Ambiente Ecológico is a portal maintained in spanish language dedicated to the environment - 23/01/2002
Associacao Brasileira de Engenharia Sanitaria y Ambienta
- Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.Fundada em 1966, a ABES é uma organização não governamental (ONG) que tem por objetivo desenvolver atividades relacionadas com o saneamento básico e ambiental - 14/02/2000
BIREME, Brazil
- Brazil.A BIREME tem por missão contribuir para a melhoria do ensino, pesquisa e atenção a saúde nos países da América Latina e Caribe mediante o estabelecimento e coordenação do Sistema Latino-Americano e do Caribe de Informação em Ciências da Saúde de modo a atender às necessidades de informação científica da comunidade de profissionais de saúde(Centro Latino Americano e do Caribe de Informação em Ciências da Saúde) - 14/02/2000
Brazilian Institutions
- Brazilian Institutions, Ministério do Meio Ambiente, dos Recursos Hídricos e da Amazônia Legal - 14/02/2000
- Centro Panamericano de Ingeniría Sanetaria y Ciencias del Ambiente, Lima, Peru - 14/02/2000
CETESB, Brazil
- Campanhia de Tecnologia de Saneamento Ambiental, Sao Paulo, Brazil. On December 17, 1976, the share holders met and decided to call the company CETESB-Environmental Sanitation Technology Company. And since 4/1/1987, through State Decree 26942, it has become subordinated to the Environment Department. Nowadays, CETESB takes care of all the technical aspects related to technology and environmental sanitation through its headquarters and regional units. lt's one of the five world centers of reference taken into account in the project developed by Ad-Hoc Committee-Community Water Supply and Sanitation, of the World Health Organization. - 14/02/2000
CINARA, Colombia
- Instituto de Investigación y Desarrollo en Agua Potable, Saneamiento Básico y Conservación del Recurso Hídrico - 14/02/2000
Comision Estatal de Agua y Saneamiento de Guanajuato, Mexico
- Guanajuato, Mexico.La Comisión Estatal de Agua y Saneamiento de Guanajuato es un organismo público descentralizado, es decir, tiene independencia administrativa, técnica, operativa, financiera y legal. Nuestra labor está enfocada a la planeación hidráulica y apoyo a Organismos Operadores del agua en el Estado. También es muy importante para nosotros la promoción de una nueva cultura del agua y el uso eficiente del elemento sin el cual la vida no sería posible - 14/02/2000
Earth Council
- Costa Rica. Information Systems Programme. The Earth Council is an international non-governmental organization (NGO) that was created in September 1992 to promote and advance the implementation of the Earth Summit agreements. It is led by a body of 18 Members, drawn from the world's political, business, scientific and non-governmental communities. Sixteen eminent world leaders serve as Honorary Members, and an 18 member Earth Council Institute functions as an advisory board - 14/02/2000
- United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean. The Economic Commission for Latin America (ECLA), was established by the Economic and Social Council's resolution 106(VI) of 25 February 1948, and began operations the same year. In 1984 the Commission was redesignated as the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean by the Council in its resolution 1984/67 of 27 July 1984 - 14/02/2000

Latin America and the Carribian:
NRCA, Jamaica
- Natural Resources Conservation Authority, Kingston, Jamaica. The Natural Resources Conservation Authority (NRCA) is the Government Agency responsible for the management, conservation and protection of the natural resources of Jamaica. The NRCA is the national focal point for environmental information and management in Jamaica and is so recognized by the United Nations System - 14/02/2000
- Pan American Health Organization. The World Health Organization Regional Office for the Americas, Wasington, USA - 14/02/2000
RRAS-CA, Honduras
- Red Regional de Agua y Saneamiento para Centro Ameríca, Tegucigalpa, Honduras. La RRAS-CA y sus afiliadas Redes Nacionales de Agua y Saneamiento enlazan programas de gobierno, ONG'S, municipalidades y agencias externas activas en el sector en los cuatro países más pobres de Centroamérica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras y Nicaragua - 14/02/2000
- Centro de Technología Apropiada en Sanamiento, Guantánamo,Cuba. El SANITEC, unico de su tipoen en el país y rector de la política de abasto de agua y saneamientocon tecnologías apropiadas, pertenece al Instituto Nacional de Recursos Hidráulicos de la Repúblicade Cuba. Fundado en 1996, auspiciado por: Instituto Nacional de Recursos Hidraulicos, el UNICEF y el Consejo de Administradión Provincial. Interesados en implementar en Cuba una política viable para el desarrollode tecnologías apropiadas, adecuadas en el sector del agua paraconsumo, el saneamiento básico y la defensa del ecosistema - 14/02/2000
Secretaria de Estado do Meio Ambiente
- Sao Paulo, Brazil - 14/02/2000
UNESCO (Latin América y el Caribe)
- Programa Hydrológica International (Spansk). Oficina Regional de Ciencia y Tecnología para América Latina y el Caribe - 14/02/2000
WRA, Jamaica
- Water Resources Authority, Kingston, Jamaica. The Water Resources Authority (WRA) is Jamaica's premier hydrological agency. It was established by the Water Resources Act of 1995 enacted on April 1996, which repealed the Underground Water Control Act and the Water Act. The WRA therefore replaced Jamaica's previous hydrogological agency, the Underground Water Authority (UWA) - 14/02/2000

African Development Bank Group
- Côte d'Ivoire. The Bank’s mandate as stipulated in Article 1 of the Agreement Establishing the Bank is to: "contribute to the economic development and social progress of its regional members - individually and jointly". The Bank’s mission, therefore, is to assist Regional Member Countries (RMCs) to break the vicious cycle of poverty in which they are entrapped. Working towards this goal, the Bank would endeavour to facilitate and mobilise the flow of external and domestic resources, public and private, promote investment, and provide technical assistance and policy advice to RMCs - 14/02/2000
African Gender Institute
- University of Cape Town, South Africa. The AGI's Vision is of Africa as a continent liberated from the legacies of colonial and patriarchal domination, and transformed into a powerful and united region in which women and men are respected as equal, and social justice is a reality for all its people. The AGI's Mission is to contribute to the realization of this vision by building intellectual capacity and establishing an African resource dedicated to strengthening and advancing the work of intellectuals, researchers, policy-makers and practitioners committed to the attainment of gender equity - 14/02/2000
AFRO, WHO Zimbabwe
- The World Health Organization Regional Office for Africa, Harare, Zimbabwe. The Division of Healthy Environments in Sustainable Development (DES) is a new division in AFRO. It was created to meet, the growing need of strengthening the Environmental Health component and the need to fill up the lack of vision and long term strategic planning and management of health development in the African Region. The two areas of work of the Division are: Protection of the Human Environment (PHE) and Health in Sustainable Development (HSD) - 14/02/2000
AMREF, Kenya
- African Medical and Research Foundation, Nairobi, Kenya. The people of sub-Saharan Africa face numerous health threats caused by infectious diseases, civil strife and environmental destruction. For 43 years, AMREF has worked with local communities and governments to research and alleviate the region’s health problems. AMREF's mission, in partnership with communities, governments and donors, is to improve health care among the disadvantaged in Africa through service delivery, training and research. AMREF is a field-orientated organisation that implements programmes. It does not make grants - 14/02/2000
Blair Research Institute, Zimbabwe
- Harare, Zimbabwe. Blair Research Institute (made up of Blair Research Laboratory in the capital Harare and De Beers Laboratory, a sister laboratory 450 km to the South - East of Harare) is a national centre of Biomedical and Essential Health Systems Research which targets research on Malaria, Schistosomiasis, communicable Diseases, Water and Sanitation technology, health delivery systems, AIDS/HIV and STDs. The Institute was established in 1939 as the Malaria and Bilharzia Research Laboratory - 14/02/2000
CARE International in Zambia
- Lusaka, Zambia. CARE International in Zambia is a non-sectarian, non-profit development organization working to assist the poor in urban and rural communities in Zambia. This site contains information about who CARE is and what it does, in Zambia and around the rest of Africa and the world - 14/02/2000
CCWR, South Africa
- Computing Centre for Water Research, Pretoria, South Africa. Co-operation between water researchers is vital for the productivity of this research effort. Communication between water researchers is an essential element in fostering such co-operation which in turn contributes to developing synergy amongst water researchers. The Computing Centre for Water Research (CCWR) was founded as a strategic initiative to contribute to this effort - 14/02/2000
CEFOC, Burkina Faso
- Centre de Formation Continue EIER - ETSHER - 14/02/2000
CSIR, South Africa
- Environmental Division, Brummeria, Pretoria, South Africa. CSIR Environmentek provides technologies for environmental assessment and management, terrestrial resources and environmental management, forestry and forest products, water resource management and coastal development and marine resources - 14/02/2000
DANIDA, Country strategies
- Country Strategies. The bilateral part of the Danish official development assistance is being concentrated on activities i the following 21 programme countries: Bangladesh, Benin, Bhutan, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Egypt, Eritrea, Ghana, ,Guatemala, India, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Nepal, Nicaragua, Niger, Tanzania, Uganda, Vietnam, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. The character of the co-operation with these 21 programme countries will be laid down in country strategy papers for each of the countries - 14/02/2000
DNA, Mozambique, Water Sector
- Direccao Nacional de aguas - 14/02/2000
DRFN, Namibia
- The Dessert Research Foundation of Namibia, Windhoek, Namibia. The DRFN is dedicated to creating and furthering awareness and understanding of arid environments and developing the capacity, skills and knowledge to manage arid environments appropriately - 14/02/2000
DWAF, South Africa
- Department of Water Affairs and Forestry, Pretoria, South Africa. Institute for Water Quality Studies (Roodeplaat Dam,)Geohydrology, Geomatics, Hydrology and Social and Ecological Services - 14/02/2000
ENDA, Third World, Senegal
- Dakar, Senegal. ENDA tiers-monde est une organisation internationale dont le siège est situé à Dakar (Sénégal), où elle bénéficie d'un statut de mission diplomatique. L'organisation internationale enda tiers-monde est constituée, au Sénégal, d'un ensemble d'équipes et de programmes en synergie. Mais enda tiers-monde, c'est aussi un réseau d'antennes décentralisées - 14/02/2000
IHP Cairo
- IHP/UNESCO, Cairo office, Epypt - 14/02/2000
IWSD, Zimbabwe
- Institute of Water and Sanitation Development, Harare, Zimbabwe. The IWSD is a non-profit non-governmental organisation based in Zimbabwe but operating throughout the Southern Africa. The Institute aims to assist in the achievement of sustainable development of water resources and waste management through the provision of support to development agencies in Zimbabwe and the Southern Africa region. In particular, the Institute will address issues hindering access of the poor to services and the sustainability of services - 14/02/2000
National Community Water and Sanitation Training
- University of the North, Pietersburg, South Africa. The National Community Water and Sanitation Training Institute officially came into being on 10 September 1996. It is an Institute established within the framework of the UNDP/World Bank International Training Management Network for Water and Waste Water Management (ITN) and in accordance with a directive from Minister Kader Asmal in the White Paper for Water and Sanitation (1994) - 14/02/2000
Nile Basin Initiative Secretariat
- Entebbe, Uganda. Shared Vision: To achieve sustainable socio-economic development through the equitable utilization of, and benefit from, the common Nile Basin water resources - 14/02/2000
OHRAOC, Burkina Faso
- Observatoire Hydrologique Régional de l'Afrique de l'Ouest et Centrale - 14/02/2000
One World
- African News. OneWorld Online was publicly launched to a packed house in January 1995 by Terry Waite, CBE, at the Foreign Press Association in London. Herbert Girardet, distinguished environmentalist and film-maker, declared that he "felt present at an historic moment. At its simplest, the Trust intended to publish information about global issues at low cost for development NGOs and others whose remit it was to get such material out to the world. This would be done by the creation of World Wide Web sites on the Internet - 14/02/2000
Pan African Institute for Development
- West Africa, Sahel. La coordonnation des activités des IPD_R est assurée par un Secrétariat général (IPD_SG) basé à Douala au Cameroun. L'IPD a également un bureau à Genève en Suisse. L'IPD/AOS couvre 12 pays de la région ouest africaine : Bénin, Burkina Faso, Cap Vert, Côte d'Ivoire, Guinée, Guinée Bissau, Mali, Mauritanie, Niger, Sénégal, Tchad et Togo. Il oeuvre à la promotion d'un développement intégré participatif et durable des populations rurales et urbaines. L'IPD/AOS fait du terrain la référence constante de toutes ses activités que sont : la formation des agents du développement rural l' appui / conseil et la recherche / action au profit des structures de développement. - 14/02/2000
PANDIS, Ethiopia
- Pan African Development Information System, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The Pan African Development Information System (PADIS) is a co-operative regional development information system created in January 1980 under the aegis of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) in Addis, Ababa, Ethiopia. The overall objective of PADIS is the promotion of development information management in the Africa region. Central to this objective is the operation of a regional information system in Africa which will serve as a conduit for information and data for development, centered around national, subregional and regional networks to which all members will voluntarily contribute information and share their information management techniques - 14/02/2000
Rand Water, South Africa
- Johannesburg, South Africa. Since 1903, RW has been a bulk water supplier to the Gauteng area. In recent years, we have responded to social and political change by choosing to operate beyond our traditional role as a bulk supplier. Now, more than ever, we face the challenge of providing accessible and affordable water to everybody in our area of supply - 14/02/2000
The African Water Page, Len Abrams
- Homepage dedicated to the water sector in Africa. Issues addressed include water policy, water resource management, water supply and environmental sanitation, water conservation and demand management and a variety of other issues - 14/02/2000
The Mvula Trust, South Africa
- Johannesburg, South Africa - 14/02/2000
Umgeni Water, South Africa
- Pietermaritzburg, South Africa - 14/02/2000
WISA, South Africa
- Water Institute of Southern Africa, Johannesburg, South Africa. The Water Institute of Southern Africa provides a forum for the exchange of information and views to improve water resource management in Southern Africa - 14/02/2000
WRC, South Africa
- Water Research Commission, Pretoria, South Africa. The Water Research Commission was established in terms of the Water Research Act in 1971 (Act 34 of 1971) and began operating on 1 September 1971. Terms of reference: The WRC's terms of reference are basically to promote coordination, communication and cooperation in the field of water research; to establish water research needs and priorities; to fund research on a priority basis; and to promote the effective transfer of information and technology. Funding: The Water Research Act provides for the establishment of a Water Research Fund which derives income from levies on water consumption. The funds are collected for the WRC, on a commission basis, by the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry - 14/02/2000

Middle East:
AFESD, Kuwait
- Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, Kuwait. The Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development (AFESD) is an autonomous development finance Pan-Arab organization, ("the Fund"). Its membership consists of all states who are members of the League of Arab States - 14/02/2000
AREIN, Egypt
- Arab Region Environmental Information Network, Egypt - 14/02/2000
ARIJ, Bethlehem, Palestine
- Applied Research Institute, Jerusalem, Palestine. Founded in 1990, the Applied Research Institute of Jerusalem (ARIJ) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting sustainable development in the occupied Palestinian territories and the self-reliance of the Palestinian people through greater control over their natural resources - 14/02/2000
- Centre for Environment and Development for Arab Region and Europe, Egypt. CEDARE's main mission is : Capacity building of its member countries, promoting skills in environmental management, transfer of technologies, environmental education, and development of environmental policies - 14/02/2000
CEHA, Jordan
- WHO Regional Centre for Environmental Health Activities, Amman, Jordan - 14/02/2000
Centre for Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences, Palestine
- Birzeit University, West Bank, Palestine. CEOHS is a strong example of Birzeit University's committment to working with the Palestinian community. Aim to foster links with the community through direct training of farmers, establishing links with farmers’ trade unions and NGOs on a local and international level. Tasks a.o.: Monitor water quality from Palestinian aquifers. Perform research related to the effects of pollution on the environment and people. Work towards the reduction in the use of pesticides, with special emphasis on their safe use and integrated pest management - 14/02/2000
EMRO, Egypt
- World Health Organization Regional Office, Alexandria, Egypt - 14/02/2000
Friends of the Earth Middle East, Jerusalem
- Palestine. Friends of the Earth Middle East (FoEME), is a unique umbrella organization representing leading Egyptian, Israeli, Jordanian and Palestinian environmental non-governmental organizations. Our primary objective is the promotion of cooperative efforts to protect our shared environmental heritage. In so doing, we hope to help achieve both sustainable regional development and the creation of necessary conditions for lasting peace in our region - 14/02/2000
IDB, Saudi Arabia
- Islamic Development Bank, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The Islamic Development Bank is an international financial institution established in pursuance of the Declaration of Intent issued by the Conference of Finance Ministers of Muslim Countries held in Jeddah in Dhul Q'adah 1393H, corresponding to December 1973. The Inaugural Meeting of the Board of Governors took place in Rajab 1395H, corresponding to July 1975, and the Bank was formally opened on 15 Shawwal 1395H corresponding to 20 October 1975 - 14/02/2000
International Hydrological Program (IHP) for the Arab States
- This website presents the activities of the IHP (UNESCO's intergovernmental scientific co-operative programme in water resources) - 23/01/2002
- The Inter-Islamic Network on Water Resources Development and Management, Amman, Jordan - 14/02/2000
- Middle East Desalination Research Centre, Sultanate of Oman - 14/02/2000
PHG, Palestine
- Palestinian Hydrology Group, West Bank, Palestine. Objectives: Upgrade the socio-economic situation of marginalized and poor communities. Empower local communities, and lobby governments to guarantee community participation in projects and justice in service. Help to build the infrastructure of water and environmental services.Support the role of women in society - 14/02/2000

ACCU, Japan
- Asia/Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO, Tokyo, Japan. The Asia/Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO (ACCU) has been working for the promotion of mutual understanding and cultural co-operation among peoples in Asia and the Pacific in line with the principles of UNESCO - 14/02/2000
- Asian Alliance of Appropriate Technology Practitioners, Inc. The Asian Alliance of Appropriate Technology Practitioners, Inc. (APPROTECH ASIA) was established in 1981 to increase access of the poor to technologies and processes appropriate to their needs and expanding capacities - 14/02/2000

Asian Development Bank
- ADB (Asian Development Bank) Headquarters, Manila, Phillippines - 14/02/2000
Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand
- Klong Luang, Thailand. AIT originated in 1959 to help meet the growing need for advanced engineering education in Asia. In November 1967, under its present name of the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), the Institute became an autonomous international institution empowered to award degrees and diplomas - 14/02/2000
BRAC, Bangladesh
- Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee, Dhaka, Bangladesh - 14/02/2000
- Council for Advancement of People's Action and Rural Technology, New Delhi, India - 14/02/2000
CSE, India
- Centre for Science and the Environment, New Delhi, India - 14/02/2000
CWC, New Delhi, India
- Central Water Commission, New Delhi, India - 14/02/2000
ENSIC, Thailand
- Environmental Systems Information Center, Bangkok, Thailand - 14/02/2000
ESCAP, Thailand
- United Nations Economic and Social Commision for Asia and the Pacific. Chief, Water Resources Section, Bangkok, Thailand - 14/02/2000
ICDDR,B, Bangladesh
- International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Dhaka, Bangladesh - 14/02/2000
International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development
- Kathmandu, Nepal - 14/02/2000
International Irrigation Management Institute,
- Colombo, Sri Lanka - 14/02/2000
International Training Network Center for Water Supply & Waste Management, Bangladesh
- Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology, BUET, Dhaka, Bangladesh - 14/02/2000
JICA, Japan
- Japan International Cooperation Agency, Tokyo, Japan - 14/02/2000
Musiake Laboratory, Japan
- University of Tokyo, Institute of Industrial Sciences, Tokyo, Japan - 14/02/2000
NGO Forum for Water Supply and Sanitation
- Bangladesh - 14/02/2000
Nirmal 2000, India
- District Health, Hygiene and Sanitation, Kottayam, India - 14/02/2000
PRIA, India
- Society for Participatory Research in Asia, New Delhi, India - 14/02/2000
Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology, India
- New Delhi, India - 14/02/2000
SWMS, Bangladesh
- Surface water modelling centre, Dhaka, Bangladesh - 14/02/2000
The Malaysian Water Association,
- Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - 14/02/2000
Third World Network, Malaysia
- Penang, Malaysia - 14/02/2000
TWAD, India
- Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board, Chepauk Chennai, India - 14/02/2000
Water and Power Consultancy Services, India
- New Delhi, India - 14/02/2000
Water Resources Informatics Division, India
- Ministry of Water Resources, National Informatics Centre, New Delhi, India - 14/02/2000

Australia and Oceania:
AusAID, Australia
- Australian Agency for International Development, Canberra, Australia. AusAID is an administratively autonomous agency within the Foreign Affairs and Trade Portfolio. It is responsible for the management of the official Australian Government overseas aid program - 14/02/2000
AWWA, Australia
- Australian Water & Wastewater Association, Artarmon, Australia. The Australian Water Association is a professional membership organisation formed in 1962 to promote the responsible management of water and its related resources. AWWA has approximately 4,000 members across Australia and abroad, including both organisations and individuals. Members come from a broad range of disciplines, including engineers, resource managers and public health professionals - 14/02/2000
CRCFE, Australia
- Cooperative Research Centre for Freshwater Ecology, Canberra, Australia. The Australian Cooperative Research Centre's Program is a Federal Government initiative that aims to capture the benefits of research by bringing industry and research organisations closer together. Cooperative Research Centres (CRCs) are collaborative ventures between government, research and industry organisations and universities - 14/02/2000
CSIRO Land and Water, Australia
- Wembley, Australia. CSIRO Land and Water is a provider of science services specialising in research on soil, water and atmospheric processes essential to the understanding and sustainable management of land and water resources in Australia and internationally. The Division's strategy in delivering its research service is to address major land, water and environmental problems, and deliver innovative solutions - 14/02/2000
IAWQ, Australia
- This homepage relates to the activities of the Australian members of IWA and is operated from CSIRO Molecular Science at Clayton, near Melbourne - 14/02/2000
National Land and Water Resources Audit, Australia
- Canberra, Australia. The National Land and Water Resources Audit is one of the programs of the Natural Heritage Trust. The Audit is co-located with the Land & Water Resources Research & Development Corporation (LWRRDC). LWRRDC is providing financial and corporate support services to the Audit for the duration of the program, on behalf of the Commonwealth of Australia - 14/02/2000
New Zealand Hydrological Society
- The New Zealand Society was founded in 1961. Since then the Society has actively promoted the study and management of all aspects of water on, over, and under the surface of the earth - 14/02/2000
South Pacific Applied Geoscience Commission, Fiji
- Suva, Fiji. To improve the well being of the peoples of Pacific Island member countries through the application of geoscience to the management and sustainable development of their non-living resources - 14/02/2000
Waterwatch, Australia
- National Office. Waterwatch is a national volunteer water quality monitoring and education program. Landcare groups, schools, other community groups and individuals throughout Australia are involved in Waterwatch. Through the Commonwealth Government’s Natural Heritage Trust, Waterwatch provides funding to the community for Waterwatch coordinators and education projects - 14/02/2000
WfS, New Zealand
- Water for Survival, Auckland, New Zealand. Water for Survival is a New Zealand based charitable trust which operates on minimal overheads (<2% of income) using volunteer organisers. It supports improvements in hygiene and water supply at village level in the third world by operating through non-government agencies. It has a close association with the British charity Water Aid and often operates through them. It has operated since 1988, supporting projects in India, Bangladesh, Sierra Leone, Ghana,Tanzania, Solomon Islands, Vietnam, Ethiopia and Kenya, serving 260,000 people - 14/02/2000

British Geological Survey
- The British Geological Survey is the UK's national centre for earth science information and its foremost supplier of geoscience solutions. It acquires and maintains up-to-date knowledge of the UK and its continental shelf by means of systematic geological, geophysical, geochemical, hydrogeological and geotechnical surveys underpinned by high quality research - 14/02/2000
British Hydrological Society
- The British Hydrology Society (BHS) was formed in 1983 in response to the recognized need for a new, broad-based national society. The Society caters for those with an interest in the inter-diciplinary subject of hydrology, and aims to promote interest and scholarship in scientific and applied aspects of hydrology and to foster the involvement of its members in national and international activities - 14/02/2000
Chair of Probabilistic Methods
- This website presents research programmes and publications of the chair of Probabilistic Methods of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences at TU Delft, The Netherlands - 17/10/2003
Conseil de L'Europe (Europarådet)
- Le Conseil de l'Europe est une organisation internationale dont le siège est à Strasbourg (France) qui a pour mission centrale de renforcer dans l'ensemble de l'espace constitué par ses Etats membres la démocratie, les droits de l'homme et l'Etat de droit - 21/02/2000
EC, Fourth Framework
- Environment and Climate. Project summaries, Cordis, Lux. To improve the scientific base of EU environment policy: understanding the basic processes of the climate and of natural systems.To help meet the objectives of world programmes of research into global change. Development of environment-friendly products, technologies, techniques and services which meet new needs and could create new jobs - 14/02/2000
EEA, European Environment Agency
- Kongens Nytorv, Copenhagen. Europe's gateway to environmental information. Maintained by the European Environment Agency and EIONET partners - 14/02/2000
EU Fifth RTD framework programme 1998-2002
- The Fifth Framework Programme (FP5) defines the European Union's strategic priorities for Research, Technological Development and Demonstration activities for the period 1998-2002. FP5 has been conceived to help solve problems and to respond to major socio-economic challenges such as increasing Europe's industrial competitivness, job creation and improving the quality of life for European citizens. Emphasis is placed throughout on the process of innovation to ensure the output of EU research is translated into tangible benefits for all - 14/02/2000
- European Network of Fresh Water Institutes - 14/02/2000
European Environment Agency, reports etc
- Reports, data sets and links on water of the European Environment Agency are available here - 17/02/2000
European Geophysical Society
- Katlenburg-Lindau, Germany - 14/02/2000
European Water Management News
- European Water Resources Association - 14/02/2000
French International Office for Water
- International Network of Basin Organisations, the French Water Data Network, the Water Academy, water management in French, international activities and links - 17/02/2000
Hyperlinks in Hydrology for Europe and the Wider World
- Institute of Hydrology for WMO Region VI (Europe) - 14/02/2000
Institute of Hydrology (UK)
- Wallingford, Oxfordshire, UK - 14/02/2000
International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine (ICPR).
- Koblenz, Germany - 14/02/2000

Office International de l'eau
- National Centre for Water-Related Information and Documentation, Limoges, Cedex, France - 14/02/2000
- L'institut francais de recherche scientific and développement en coopération. Paris, France - 14/02/2000
Task Force Environment and Water, EU
- EU framework: Europe's citizens are increasingly demanding cleaner water for drinking, bathing and as part of their environment, their local and regional heritage - 14/02/2000
- TECHnology for Water Resources, Brussels, Belgium - 14/02/2000
Umwelt Bundes Amt
- The Environment Online, Berlin, Germany. The BALTEX organizational structure takes into account the need to organize and maintain this international project efficiently and in accordance with the general structures of GEWEX and other projects of the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) - 14/02/2000

Nordic Countries:
Academy of Finland
- The main function of the Academy of Finland is to enhance the quality and prestige of basic research in Finland by long-term selective research funding allocated on a competitive basis, by systematic evaluation and by influencing science policy. The Academy uses a number of forms of research funding and other instruments for fulfilling its function. IHP Committee of Finland, Helsinki - 14/02/2000
- Baltic Sea Experiment - 14/02/2000
DVK, Nordic Hydrological Programme (NHP)
- Danish Water Resources Committee. There are three different forms of organized hydrological co-operation between the Nordic countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden: Nordic Association for Hydrology, UNESCO-IHP/Hydrological Commitees and Nordic Operational Hydrological Institutes. Read about: projects, download, members and reports - 14/02/2000
- Flow Regimes from International Experimental and Network Data. The EWA FRIEND database is a database comprising daily flow data from European basins. Some instantaneous flood peak series is also available on the database in addition to the daily values. Six subprojects (research): Databases. Low flow hydrology. Large scale hydrology. Extreme rainfall and floods. Hydrological processes. Biological problems. - 14/02/2000
Groundwater 2000
- International Conference on Groundwater Research, DTU, ISVA, Copenhagen, Denmark. International Conference onGroundwater Research. Aquifers and Contaminant Distribution. Groundwater Quality. Natural Attenuation. Remediation Technologies. Groundwater Protection. 6 - 8 June 2000 Copenhagen, Denmark organised by Groundwater Research Centre, Technical University of Denmark and Danish Water Resources Committee - 14/02/2000
- a Northern hemisphere climate Processes land-surface Experiment. Nopex is a BAHC coordinated large-scale land-surface experiment. BAHC also coordinates the BOREAS, the HAPEX-SAHEL, and the LBA experiments. The objective of the Nopex project is to study land-surface processes at a regional scale for a mixed land cover dominated by boreal forest - 14/02/2000
Nordic Association for Hydrology
- The Nordic Association for Hydrology (NHF) is an independant body which aims at promoting hydrology as a science and at increasing the understanding of hydrology and of hydrological methods within applied sciences and water management planning in the Nort - 14/02/2000
NORDIC HYDROLOGY - An International Journal
- Nordic Hydrology publishes articles within all fields of hydrology in its widest sense, including surface water, groundwater, hydrometeorology, water chemistry, erosion, snow and ice and hydrodynamics. - 29/02/2000
Nordiska Rådet & Ministerrådet
- The Nordic Council of Ministers provides funding for some thirty institutions at various locations throughout the Nordic region. Store Strandstræde 18. DK-1255 København K - 21/02/2000
Norsk Hydrologiråd, Norway
- Norsk hydrologiråd (NHR) er et samarbeidsorgan for norske institusjoner, organisasjoner, myndigheter og foretak med arbeidsoppgaver innen hydrologi. NHR fungerer som nasjonal komité innenfor det Internasjonale Hydrologiske Program (IHP). NVE, Oslo, Norway - 14/02/2000
- Northern Research Basins. TWELFTH INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM AND WORKSHOP. Reykjavík, Kirkjubæjarklaustur andHöfn, Hornafjörður,Iceland. August 23-27 1999 - 14/02/2000
Orkustofnun, Iceland
- Icelandic Hydrological Committee. Orkustofnun consists of two main units: one responsible for energy administration, i.e. information, advice and management, and the other for research activities - 14/02/2000

Danish Institutes, societies and NGO's:
Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences Research Centre
- The Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences (DIAS) is a sector research institution under the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries. DIAS aims to conduct research and accumulate knowledge of importance to agriculture. Emphasis is on responsible resource utilization, environmental impacts both internal and external, animal welfare, and the quality and competitiveness of the products. DIAS was established on April 1, 1997 with the merging of the Danish Institute of Animal Science and the Danish Institute of Plant and Soil Science. Foulum - 14/02/2000
Danish Meteorological Institute
- The Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) was founded in 1872. Now, more than 125 years later, DMI has a staff of 400 employees and more than 600 associated observers, and an annual turnover of 250 million Danish kroner. The main objectives of DMI continue to be the same as in 1872: to make observations, to provide forecasts and other information, to communicate these to the public to contribute to the development of the meteorological and related geophysical sciences Lyngbyvej, Copenhagen - 14/02/2000
Danske Vandværkers Forening
- Danske Vandværkers Forening (DVF) er en landsdækkende forening af kommuner med og uden egen vandforsyning, private vandforsyninger, amter samt personer, der er beskæftiget inden for vandforsyningen.Foreningens formål er at varetage dansk vandforsynings fælles interesser med henblik på at fremme en stabil og kvalitetsmæssigt god vandforsyning på et miljømæssigt forsvarligt grundlag. Aarhus - //
DHI, Institute of Water and Environment
- Danish Hydraulic Institute and VKI have merged as of 1 January 2000. DHI Water & Environment is an independent, international consulting and research organisation affiliated to the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences - 14/02/2000
Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland
- The work field of the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) - geoscientific studies, research, consultancy and geological mapping - primarily covers the Kingdom of Denmark, including Greenland and the Farao Islands. GEUS is a research and advisory institution in the Ministry of Environment and Energy. Copenhagen - 14/02/2000
Jordens vand
- Tycho Brahe Planetariet. Omnimax film. Links til undervisning og links for børn - 11/05/2000
Lærebog i geografi - den blå planet
- 1.Demografi 2.Vejr og klima 3.Oceanografi 4.Jordens opbygning og materialer 5.Pladetektonik og råstofdannelse 6.Danske landskaber 7.Det ferske vand 8.Erhvervsgeografi 9.Den ulige verden 10. Kulturlandskabet 11.Det geologiske kredsløb 12.Jordbunden 13.Årsager til istider - 16/01/2001
Miljøteknisk Brancheforening
- Miljøteknisk Brancheforenings aktiviteter er mange og alle har sit udgangspunkt inden for miljøområdet (vand og spildevand), hvor foreningen prøver at være proaktiv inden for forskning, udvikling, produktion, drift, vedligeholdelse, undervisning, standardisering, miljøpolitik, afgiftspolitik m.m. - 15/05/2001
National Environment Research Institute
- The National Environmental Research Institute is an independent research institute under the Danish Ministry of Environment and Energy. NERI's mission is to provide a sound and informed scientific basis for making environmental decisions at the political, administrative and commercial levels. DMU, Silkeborg - 14/02/2000
- Links med relevans for jord- og grundvandsforurening. En vejviser til information på nettet vedrørende jord- og grundvandsforurening. Webressourcer. EDB-modeller. Nyhedsgrupper - 14/02/2000
Technical University of Denmark
- Groundwater Centre. In 1988 the Groundwater Research Centre (GRC) was established with the main purpose of procuring basic technical knowledge for a successful and cost-effective protection, reclamation, and utilization of soil and groundwater resources. The centre combines the ongoing soil and groundwater research at the Technical University of Denmark at the four cooperating institutes - 14/02/2000
University of Copenhagen
- Institute of Geography. Main Research Areas: Arctic Physical Geography. Development Geography. Dynamic Geomorphology. Ecological Studies in Cultural Geography and Agricultural Geography. Urban and Regional Geography - 14/02/2000
Videncenter for planlægning i det åbne land
- Videncenter for planlægning i det åbne land er et samarbejde mellem Ålborg Universitet, Ministeriet for Fødevarer, Landbrug og Fiskeri, Miljø- og Energiministeriet og KVL. - 04/04/2001

Danish Hydrological Research Programs:
- Det Strategiske Miljøforskningsprogram. The activities of the Groundwater Group in relation to the issue "Pesticides and Groundwater" are aimed at developing the existing very limited knowledge of the physical, chemical and microbiological conditions and processes that determine the sorption, degradation and transport of pesticides, both in the strata above the groundwater level and in the aquifers - 14/02/2000

Danish strategy plans for for utilization and protection of freshwater resources :
Aarhus County County
- Læs om Regionplan 2001. Grundvandet. Hvor skal grundvandet beskyttes? Hvad er et indsatsområde? Hvad betyder indsatsområderne for landbrugsdriften, byvæksten og erhvervsudviklingen? - 14/02/2000
Danish Environmental Protection Agency
- Danish EPA. Nyheder. Fakta. Fagområder. Miljø på nettet. Handlingsplaner. Tilskudsordninger. Love og regler. Publikationer. Miljødata. Debat. Miljøbutikken - 14/02/2000
- I sin betænkning fra december 1997 anbefaler Drikkevandsudvalget blandt andet at vandværkerne spiller en mere aktiv rolle i beskyttelsen af vandet og at vandet beskyttes ekstra i områder, der er særligt følsomme. Læs hele betænkningen her - 14/02/2000
Links to Danish Counties
- Vestsjællands County. Links til samtlige amter og Københavns og Frederiksberg kommuner - 14/02/2000
Miljøstyrelsens fagområder, drikkevand
- Næsten alle steder i Danmark kan man hente drikkevand op fra grundvandet. Det er rent og smager godt. Men vi har fået nogle advarsler om, at der ikke er nogen garanti for at det bliver ved med at være sådan. Nogle steder har grundvandet spor af forurening. Dansk grundvandspolitik er baseret på forebyggelse og indsats ved kilden. Det vil sige man forsøger at forebygge forureningen før den sker. Læs om MTBE handlingsplan, vandfond mm. - 14/02/2000
Pesticidhandlingsplan II (marts 2000)
- Målene er at reducere behandlingshyppigheden og en særlig beskyttelse af visse områder dels langs målsatte vandløb og søer over 100 m2 og dels på særligt følsomme arealer (i forhold til grundvand, red.), samt at arealer med økologisk produktion udvides. Revision af godkendelsesordningen - 06/03/2000

DVK theme I: Danish UNCED/Rio follow up:
Centre for Development Research
- CDR carries out social science development research in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. It supports development research through library and documentation services and offers consultancy services. Gammel Kongevej 5, Copenhagen - 14/02/2000
DANIDA, internationale stillinger
- Undenrigsministeriets oversigt over internationale stilinger - 20/02/2000
GEO 2000 report
- Global Environment Outlook 2000 (GEO-2000) - the most authoritative assessment ever of the environmental crisis facing humanity in the new millennium, launched by United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)in 1999 - 26/03/2000
Nordic Consulting Group, NGC
- NCG core clients are the Nordic development agencies: Danida, Norad, Sida and Finnida. Increasingly, NCG also provides services to the environmental agencies in the Nordic countries. International clients include the World Bank, UN agencies, the Asian and African Development Banks and the European Union. Taastrup, Denmark - 14/02/2000
Royal Danish Ministry of Foreing Affairs
- Danida. Danida er en forkortelse af "Danish International Development Assistance", som oversat til dansk betyder: Dansk international udviklingsbistand. Den 19. marts 1962 vedtog Folketinget den første lov om dansk udviklingsbistand. Samtidig blev "Sekretariatet for Teknisk Samarbejde med Udviklingslandene" oprettet i Udenrigsministeriet til at forvalte bistanden. Sekretariatet blev i 1963 omdøbt til Danida - 14/02/2000
UN Vacancy announcement bulletin
- United Nations Office of Human Resources Management. International Civil Service Commission. Updated each month. - 21/02/2000
Vandhandlingsplaner og sektorprogrammer, Nyt om Vandressourcer nr. 6
- DVK/Danida Joint møde. Temadagen blev tilrettelagt med en præsentation af 3 cases. Præsentation af case-studierne skete ud fra de praktiske aspekter og erfaringer. Vandhandlingsplanerne blev således præsenteret i forhold til det praktiske arbejde på stedet, og gerne relateret til forløbet i Danida's sektor programbistand. Vægten blev lagt på "lessons learned" med hensyn til arbejdsmetoder og værktøjer, der er blevet anvendt i arbejdet - 14/02/2000
- World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe, Copenhagen - 14/02/2000
Workshop report on water action plans and sector programming
- Joint DVK/Danida meeting, 1998. Workshop on Water Action Plans - Experience with Alternative Implementation Strategies. Eigtveds Pakhus, 9 September 1998. Arranged by:Danida and Danish Water Resources Committee - 14/02/2000
World Health Organization (WHO)
- The objective of WHO is the attainment by all peoples of the highest possible level of health. Health, as defined in the WHO Constitution, is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity - 21/02/2000

DVK theme II: Collection and exchange of data:
Databaseoversigt, Miljø- og Energiministeriet
- Faglige databaser. I denne oversigt kan du finde alle relevante oplysninger om databasernes indhold, formål m.v. Du kan søge efter emne, alfabetisk eller efter hvilken institution, der er ansvarlig for basen. Ud over de generelle beskrivelser af baserne er der enkelte steder direkte adgang til indholdet af baserne. Herudover er der adgang til eksempeldata i form af grafer, tabeller, kort m.v. Det er målet på sigt at give offentlig adgang til databaserne - 14/02/2000
Geodata in Denmark
- Infodatabasen om Geodata drives af Kort og Matrikelstyrelsen - 14/02/2000
Kort- og Matrikelstyrelsen (KMS)
- Kortbutik. Geodatabutik mm. Geodæiske, topografiske og matrikeldata - 14/02/2000

DVK theme II: Collection and exchange of data:
NOVA 2003 website
- Nationalt program for overvågning af vandmiljøet. Overvågningsprogrammet er et samarbejde mellem amterne og Miljø- og Energiministeriet. Miljøstyrelsen har det overordnede ansvar på programmet. Indhold og omfang af NOVA 2003 er beskrevet i rapporten Programbeskrivelse for NOVA 2003 - 14/02/2000
Water Resources Information System (VRI)
- Danish Water Resources Committee. Indgang til VRI data in Danmark. Klimadata. Borearkiv. Topografi. Afstrømning. Miljø-geofysiske data. Vandløbssystemer og dræning. Grundvandets trykniveau. Modeldatabase. Jordtypekort. Vandkvalitet i overfladevand. Jordartskort. Vandkvalitet i grundvand. Aktuel arealanvendelse. Vandindvinding, tilladelser - 14/02/2000
Water resources information system at DJF
- Danish Agricultural and Soil Sciences Research Centre. HL315 fordampningsdata, klimadata fra DJF’s forsøgsstationer, klimadata i 40x40 km landsdækkende grid, potentiel fordampning, luft- og jordtemperatur, nedbør relativ luftfugtighed, globalstråling og vindhastighed. Jordprofiler, jordklassificiering, tekstur, terrænhældning. Landskabselementer, lavbund og okker - 14/02/2000
Water resources information system at DMI
- Danish Meteorological Institute. Grundlaget for traditionelle klimadata (som lufttemperatur, lufttryk, vindhastighed og -retning, luftfugtighed, skydække, antal solskinstimer, stråling, nedbørmængde, nedbørintensitet etc.) er meteorologiske observationer foretaget på udvalgte steder (stationer) i landet. Systematiske observationer er foretaget gennem de seneste 125 å - 14/02/2000
Water resources information system at GEUS
- Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland. Borearkiv (JUPITER), Miljø-geofysiske data (GERDA), Grundvandspejlinger, Vandkvalitet i grundvand, Vandindvinding, Modeldatabase for grundvandsmodeller, Jordartskort og vandløbssystem data - 14/02/2000

DVK theme III: Low flow and habitat quality:
Abstracts from the first DVK meeting, May 1999
- DVK website, News. Dansk Vandressource Komité arrangerede den 9-10 juni 1999 et temamøde om "Minimumsafstrømning i vandløb – Hydrologiske og forvaltningsmæssige aspekter" på Ferskvandscentret i Silkeborg - 14/02/2000
Environmental Programme for the Danube River Basin
- In order to address effectively the environmental problems in the Danube river basin, the Danube countries and international organisations initiated the EPDRB in 1991, agreed on the SAP and the SIP, and signed the Danube River Protection Convention (DRPC) in 1994. - 29/03/2000
EU Water Framework Directive
- Udkast til nyt EU Water Framework Directive som forventes vedtaget senere i år. Læs om management indenfor vandløbsoplande, overfladevand og grundvand - 16/03/2000
Hedeselskabet Hydrometri
- On line data fra udvalgte stationer. Siden indeholder aktuelle observationer indsamlet på målestationer i det danske vandmiljø. - 28/03/2000
Opfølgning på temamøde om minimumsafstrømning
- Nyt om Vandressourcer nr. 6, november 1999. Dansk Vandressource Komite (DVK) arrangerede et møde om minimumsvandføringer i Silkeborg den 10 juni med ca. 60 deltagere fra amter, vandværker, rådgivende firmaer, statslige myndigheder og forskningsinstitutioner. På mødet blev der konkluderet, at der er brug for at styrke den faglige baggrund i Danmark i relation til vandløbskvalitet i bred forstand - 14/02/2000
Ramsar convention on Wetlands
- The Convention on Wetlands, signed in Ramsar, Iran, in 1971, is an intergovernmental treaty which provides the framework for national action and international cooperation for the conservation and wise use of wetlands and their resources. There are presently 119 Contracting Parties to the Convention, with 1019 wetland sites, totalling 73 million hectares, designated for inclusion in the Ramsar List of Wetlands of International Importance - 23/02/2000
Skjern å projektet
- Danmarks største naturgenopretningsprojekt.Skjern Å er Danmarks vandrigeste å. Den afvander et opland på ca. 250.000 ha. På lange strækninger opstrøms Borris løber åen i sit naturlige snoede leje. Mellem Borris og Ringkøbing Fjord er ådalen ændret ved reguleringer og afvandinger i 1900. Ved afvandingen i 1960 blev ca. 4000 ha enge og sumpområder fra Borris til Ringkøbing Fjord omdannet til agerjord. I samme område blev de slyngede og fritløbende åer erstattet af inddigede åløb og kanaler. - 26/03/2000
Stream Biology, Wasington, USA
- Cristi Cave homepage. Streams--and their larger cousins, rivers--are complex ecosystems that take part in the physical and chemical cycles that shape our planet and allow life to exist. Stream biology is the study of these ecosystems - 14/02/2000
Water stress - Sustainable water use in Europe, EEA report
- Pressure on water resources affects habitats, particularly wetlands, and can lead to contamination and depletion of surface and groundwater, causing soil degradation, excessive salinity, and desertification. - 29/03/2000
Wetlands International
- Wetlands International is the world's leading non-profit organisation concerned with the conservation of wetlands and wetland species. It comprises a global network of governmental and non-governmental experts working on wetlands. Activities are undertaken in more than 120 countries worldwide - 17/02/2000

DVK theme IV: Evapotranspiration and groundwater recharge:
National Water Resources Model
- GEUS, Copenhagen. Processer der styrer grundvandsdannelsen, integrering af ressourceovervågning i vandmiljøplanens overvågningsprogram, reorganisering af et nationalt pejlestationsnet og videreudvikling af det tilgrundliggende modelsystem (MIKE-SHE) er nogle af de centrale ingredienser i projektet som udføres for Miljø- og Energiministeriet i perioden 1996-2000. Projektet udføres af GEUS i samarbejde med Dansk Hydraulisk Institut og Danmarks Miljøundersøgelser - 14/02/2000
Til stadighed fokus på vanding og vandressourcer i dansk jordbrug
- Nyt om vandressourcer nr. 6, november 1999. Vanding i dansk jordbrug udgør en ikke ubetydelig størrelse. Ifølge en undersøgelse fra 1998 lavet af Landbrugets Rådgivningscenter (LR) var de samlede markvandingstilladelser i landbruget 500.000.000 m3, hvoraf ca. 60 % eller 320.000.000 m3 blev udnyttet - 14/02/2000

DVK theme V: Groundwater protection and zonation issues:
Aktuel arealanvendelse, planer og restriktioner i arealanvendelsen
- VRI hjemmeside bl.a. med kort over drikkevandsområder i Danmark - 14/02/2000
Amternes videnscenter for jordforurening
- Videnscentret arbejder med at indsamle, bearbejde og formidle ny viden og erfaringer om fjernelse af forurening fra gamle industrigrund og lossepladser. Videnscentret er oprettet af de 14 amter, Københavns og Frederiksberg kommuner - 14/02/2000

Tilbage Hjemmeside for Dansk Vandressource Komitè Top Fremad

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