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Water Action Plans 
Preface, contents, part one
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The Danish Water Resources Committee (Dansk Vandressource Komité – DVK) was established in June 1994 by a group of Danish organisations. The motivation was a felt need for a forum which could co-ordinate activities and strategies and facilitate exchange and dissemination of information of matters of common interest within the area of water resources and hydrology.

DVK tasks can be divided into four groups:
Exchange and dissemination of information. This has in fact been the main activity both at DVK meetings, through "Nyt om Vandressourcer" (DVK Newsletter in Danish) and at public information meetings
2) Obligatory tasks, i.e. tasks which are generated through incoming mail in accordance with DVK's TOR. This is mainly in relation to WMO, IHP and KOHYNO
3) Tasks generated by external demand, i.e. where some of the founding members or other external organisations ask DVK to play a certain role, e.g. EWRA conference on Operational Water Management held in Copenhagen in September 1997 and a seminar on low-flow in rivers and stream quality in May 1999
4) Tasks where DVK have taken independent initiatives. These include first of all the "VRI system" (i.e. establishment of a national water resource information system), a joint DVK/Danida meeting on Water Action Plans and experiences with alternative implementation strategies arranged in September 1998

DVK was founded by:
Danish Environmental Protection Agency, Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS), National Environmental Research Institute (DMU), Danish International Development Assistance (Danida), Technical University of Denmark (Groundwater Research Centre), University of Copenhagen (Institute of Geography), Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences – Research Centre Foulum
, Danish Meteorological Institute, National Research Councils, Danish Hydraulic Institute (DHI) and Water Quality Institute (VKI). The committee has appointed additional members representing the regional authoraties, Miljøteknisk Brancheforening and Foreningen af Rådgivende Ingeniører (FRI). Finally ASIAQ – Grønlands Forundersøgelser and Elselskabet – SEV (Faroe Islands) are associated members of DVK.

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