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 Groundwater 2000

International Conference on Groundwater Research

  • aquifer properties, governing processes, and fate of organic compounds
  • redox processes in contaminated and pristine aquifers
  • groundwater protection and remediation technology

6-8 June 2000, Copenhagen, Denmark

Objectives and Scope
It is the primary focus of the conference to create an interdiciplinary forum for presentation and exchange of the most recent advances in groundwater research with a maintained focus on selected key issues. The conference covers groundwater pollution arising from industrial activities and disposals as well as diffuse sources due to agricultural practices.

Organised by:
Groundwater Research Centre
Technical University of Denmark and
Danish Water Resource Committee
   in cooperation with:
International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS)
International Commission on Groundwater (ICGW)
     UNESCO – International Hydrological Programme (IHP)
     Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS)
     The Society for Environmental Engineering (IDAmiljø) – The Society of Danish Engineers

Call for papers
Authors are invited to submit a one page abstract before 1 September 1999, while indicating their preference for oral or poster presentation. A notification of acceptance will be sent out by 1 December 1999 with a request to submit a two page extended abstract by 15 February 2000 accompanied by registration of one of the authors as a condition for inclusion of the abstract in the conference proceedings.

Important deadlines
1 September 1999 Receipt of abstracts (one page)
1 December 1999 Notification of abstract acceptance
15 February 2000 Submission of extended abstracts

Link to conference homepage Groundwater 2000 at the Groundwater Research Centre at the Technical University of Denmark (http://www.isva.dtu.dk/grc/gw2000).  E-mail:  gw2000@isva.dtu.dk

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