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The Danish Water Resources Committee (in Danish "Dansk Vandressource Komité), founded in June 1994, is a cooperation of research institutes and national authorities working within the water resource area.
Danish hydrological research and cooperation between national institutes on an international scale was initiated during participation in hydrological research programmes under the International Hydrological Decade (IHD 1965-74).
These early activities formed the basis for establishment of a national IHP-committee in 1978. The main task for the committee was the implementation of an integrated water resource project in the river Suså catchment area (1977-81).
During the eighties and early nineties hydrological activities in Denmark focused on significant national issues, where water quality aspects played an increasing and relatively dominant role. Today, a high public awareness on environmental problems exists, and water resource issues often head the political agenda.
During these decades a tradition for fruitful cooperation among universities, research institutes, private companies and authorities has developed within the water resource sector.
This has been an important basis for the high degree of Danish committment on freshwater related activities on the international scene. However, a strong need for coordination of Danish participation in the different international activities has been identified, leading to the foundation of the Danish Water Resources Committee (DVK).
Experiences from the first two years (June 1994 to May 1996)
Exchange and dissemination of information has been the main activity for DVK, both at internal meetings, through the newsletter "Nyt om Vandressourcer" and at public information meetings. This type of activities are in general important and form a nescessary basis for conducting other actions.
Obligatory tasks, i.e. tasks which automatically turn up through incomming mail in accordance with DVK's TOR (WMO, IHP and KOHYNO)  have also long term perspectives, but have not generated a lot of enthusiasm among most DVK members.
Altogether the above activities are in itself sufficient justification for maintaining an organisation like DVK, but it is questionable whether sufficient enthusiastic persons can be identified on this reduced basis to be active members of DVK on a voluntary basis..
Tasks generated by external demand, i.e. where som of the founding members or other external organisations ask DVK to play a certain role, has so far not been of a significant volume. With no apparant external demand, the succes of DVK's own initiatives (tasks where DVK have taken independent initiatives like VRI system, EWRA conference etc.) becomes very important for DVK's future role. Thus, at present a considerable part of DVK's prestige and future is linked to the fate of the ongoing projects of this type.
DVK's Workprogramme 2000


To work as the national IHP Committee (NHP/KOHYNO)

Dan Rosbjerg and Hans Jørgen Henriksen


Coordination in relation to WMO (Commision of Hydrology meetings) 

Bjarne Madsen (hydrological advisor)


Coordination in relation to EU research and development 



Support to Danish follow up on the results from Dublin-UNCED-Rio (follow up on meeting on water action plans and sector plans)

Jens Christian Refsgaard, Thorkild Thomsen and Jan Møller Hansen 


Promote national hydrological research cooperation (Two DVK theme meetings on low flow in rivers/habitat models and evapotranspiration in 2000)

Hans Jørgen Henriksen and Finn Plauborg


Provide information on international activities relevant to Danish institutes, private companies etc. (Nyt om Vandressourcer, DVK homepage)  

Hans Jørgen Henriksen


National Water Resources Information System (VRI) (follow up and updating)

Hans Jørgen Henriksen based on input fra DVK members from DMU, DMI, GEUS and DJF


International seminars and conferences (Groundwater 2000, 6-8 June 2000)

an Rosbjerg, Bjarne Madsen and Hans Jørgen Henriksen


IAHS (coordination)

Dan Rosbjerg and Bent Hasholt 


IAH (coordination)

Bjarne Madsen


IWSA (coordination)

Richard Thomsen 


EWRA (coordination)

Thorkild Thomsen 


NRB (coordination)

Bent Hasholt and  Mogens Brems 


It is the aim of the Danish Water Resources Committee (DVK), in an international perspective, to strengthen the professional development of the water resource area. The committee shall endeavour that the sustainable exploitation of the fresh water resources continously takes place through the newest professional knowledge and experience.


  • To promote a coordinated Danish participation in the international hydrological research cooperation, including UNESCO, WMO, UNEP, IAHS, IAH and EU
  • To work as the national IHP Committee and be responsible for the relations to the Nordic Hydrological Programme through its coordination committee, KOHYNO
  • To provide professional support to the Danish follow-up on the results, which were achieved in the water resources area at CIC, Copenhagen 1991, ICWE, Dublin and UNCED, Rio 1992
  • To promote national hydrological research cooperation and in this context advise on initiation of new research programmes
  • To provide professional support in connection with preperation of strategy plans for utilization and protection of freshwater resources in Denmark, including the Faroe Islands and Greenland, as well as within EU
  • To contribute to a flexible and sound strategy for collection and exchange of data for research and development purposes
  • To provide information on international activities relevant to Danish institutions, private companies and national and regional authorities working within the water resource area

Members of the committee
Each of the founding institutes/authorities of the Danish Water Resources Committee appoint on member for the committee. The members of the committee has to bee professionals within the water resources area.
The founders of the Danish Water Resources Committee are: Danish National Environmental Protection Agency (Danish EPA), Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS), National Environmental Research Institut (DMU), Danida, Technical University of Copenhagen (Ground Water Research Centre), University of Copenhagen (Institute of Geography), Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences (DJF), Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI), the National Research Councils, DHI - Institute of Water and Environment.
The committee has appointed one member from the regional authorities (Århus Amt).  In addition one member has been appointed by the Danish Association of Consulting Engineers (Miljøteknisk Brancheforening) and one member by the Danish Association of Environmental Engineers (F.R.I.).

Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) host the secretariat of DVK.
List of abbreviations


United Nations Educational, Scientifical and Cultural Organisation


World Meteorological Organization


United Nations Environment Programme


International Association of Hydrological Sciences


International Association of Hydrogeologists


European Union


International Hydrological Programme (UNESCO)


Nordisk Hydrologisk Program (Nordic Hydrological Programme)


Koordineringskomitéen for hydrologi i Norden (Coordination committee of hydrology in the Nordic countries)


The Copenhagen Informal Consultation on Integrated, Water Resources Development and Management, 11.-14. Nov. 1991


International Conference on Water and the Environment in Dublin, Ireland, 26.-31. January 1992


United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Jaineiro, June 1992

Tilbage Hjemmeside for Dansk Vandressource Komitè Top Fremad

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