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Welcome to GEUS page for data and maps

Here you can search the GEUS public Danish and Greenland mapping data using our interactive maps and map services.

Danish data

National well database (Jupiter)

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Nationwide database of geological and hydrogeological information from over 240,000 wells. Download well reports with geological descriptions, see graphical views and groundwater chemistry data. Maintained by Borearkivet.

National geophysical database (GERDA)

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Nationwide geophysical database for environmental and resource area with information about the geophysical methods, exchange formats and options for data download.

Oil & Gas Database

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Data from deep appraisal and exploration wells in Denmark. GEUS manages 2D and 3D seismic and data for deep wells with relevance to the oil industry.

Marine shallow geophysics (Marta)


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The map displays survey paths for Danish, Greenland, and other marine areas. Marta is the official database for marine shallow geophysics according to law for raw materials.

Groundwater reports database

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Geo-referenced reports primarily focused on mapping and action planning for the groundwater environment.

Model database

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Geological, hydrostratigrafiske and hydrological / groundwater models stored in the GEUS model database. The models are mainly formulated in connection with the national groundwater mapping .

  Digital soil maps 1:200.000

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The map is mainly based on the general geological mapping of Denmark. This information is supplemented with geological data from GEUS drilling database information from the quaternary literature, geomorphological mapping and photo-geological interpretation.

Maps of Denmark


Interactive map | WMS

A collection of GEUS' main maps of the Danish area. Here you can find onshore and offshore geological maps, maps of the Danish Central Graben and the Danish Basin and much more.

Greenland Data

Geological map of Greenland 1:500.000

Geological map of Greenland 1:500.000

Interactive map

Interactive map of all of Greenland at scale 1:500.000. Choose between themes like photos of North and Northeast Greenland, geological profiles, and maps of GEUS' archives.

Additional geological maps

Interactive map

Entire Greenland, 1:2.500.000. North and North-East Greenland, 1:250.000.

Greenland Mineral Resources Portal

Greenland Mineral Resources Portal

Interactive map

Portal for geological, geochemical, and geophysical data and documents with relevance to mineral explorations in Greenland.

Oil & Gas related data

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Show location and metadata for oil and gas related datasets. Go to the GHEXIS project for an overview of our data products. Maintained by Undergrundsarkivet.

Geological map of southwest Greenland (61.5 to 64.0 N)

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Based on ten 1:100.000 geological themes including Geochronology, geochemistry, structural geology, metamorphism, petrology, and geophysics. Generated maps can be exported to Google Earth as overlays.

Exploration history and place names of northern East Greenland

Home | Interactive map

Interactive map of the place names of northern East Greenland. Via free-text search, a web-map or an index, you can find place names together with their explanations and their positions on the map.

Geoscience Documents and Data for Exploration


The database provides easy access to all non-confidential company geoscience reports received by authorities in Greenland and Denmark in accordance with the Mining Act for Greenland and associated regulations.

Mineral occurrence Map

Interactive map

Map of Greenland mineral occurrences, physiographic data, and series of spatial data such as airborne geophysical surveys and regional geochemical data.

Offline products

Airborne geophysical data from Greenland
Mineral resource potential of South Greenland
Geochemical atlas of Greenland - West and South Greenland
Digital compilation of diamond exploration data from West Greenland

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