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- monitoring surface melt over large areas of the ice sheet margin in Greenland

Greenland is dominated by its ice sheet, which strongly influences the local, as well as the global climate.
Changing ice sheet conditions could thus have a strong impact on the ice free areas in Greenland, the surrounding seas and the climate. Even after many years of intensified efforts the mass balance conditions of the Greenland Ice Sheet are still not determined. ICEMON contributes considerably to the difficult task of monitoring surface melt over large areas of the ice sheet margin. An effective and economic monitoring system is being established, which allows the continuous control of climatic conditions in the most vulnerable zones of the ice sheet.

Bøggild, C.E., Mayer, C., Podlech, S., Taurisano, A. and Nielsen, S. 2004:
Towards an assessment of the balance state of the Greenland Ice Sheet. Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland Bulletin 4, 81-84.
Read the article icemon_publ_2004_1.pdf (pdf-file ~3.3mb)
Bøggild, C.E., Mayer, C., Olesen, O.B., Jørgensen, P., Heinsdorf, J. and Petersen B. 2003:
Modern mass balance observations at the Greenland ice sheet margin. Proceedings of the Northern research basins 14'th international symposium and workshop. p 1-5
Read the article icemon_publ_2003_1.pdf (pdf-file ~350kb)

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