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Nuclear tests

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Seismology is an important tool in disarmament politics as nuclear test explosions, in many cases, can be detected and discerned from earthquakes.

For many years Denmark has participated in international discussions on seismic monitoring of a nuclear test ban. A technical test started by the international Group of Scientific Experts used a Prototype International Data Center in Washington DC, USA to show that such a monitoring is possible, and a treaty text was prepared at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland by the Conference of Disarmament.

This treaty has been signed by nearly 150 nations. The treaty specifies an International Data Center in Vienna, Austria, and a network of surveillance stations throughout the world. Two of the stations in the treaty are Danish: a seismic station already established in West Greenland by us in cooperation with IRIS and GEOFON, and an infrasound (microbarograph) station to be established later by the Danish Meteorological Institute in North Greenland.

We continue to take part in the further developments and negotiations in a working group of the Preparatory Commission of the Treaty in Vienna.


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