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Jupiter is GEUS' central borehole database. It stores information about groundwater, environment and geotechnical boreholes.

You can find boreholes using a map facility or a search form. It is possible to search on information such as placement and use. ( www.geus.dk/jupiter and http://gerda.geus.dk/servlet/boreServlet?redel=boreQuery – both only available in Danish at the moment).

When you have found the single boreholes, you will get information about the construction of the borehole, its geology and groundwater.


PC Jupiter is both a data format and a programme. The programme is developed in order to display borehole data in PC Jupiter format in an easy and clear way. PC Jupiter exists in three different versions:

  • PC Jupiter in the standard version makes it possible to see information about the single boreholes schematically or as a report. It is possible to search on all data and data can be exported.
  • PC Jupiter reporting contains all the functionality of the standard version and also the possibility to report boreholes to GEUS in that format the wells must be reported in. In Denmark all groundwater supply and raw materials boreholes must be reported to GEUS.
  • PC Jupiter GIS contains the functionality of the above versions and a GIS interface that makes it possible to see and choose boreholes from a map. The background maps are maps from the National Survey and Cadastre, converted to a general GIS format.

Regarding data orders, please write to geusborearkiv@geus.dk
Regarding data formats, please write to mh@geus.dk

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