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WELL DATA - Deep wells

Data from released appraisal- and exploration wells
Against payment GEUS delivers data from released exploration- and appraisal wells. Primarily from wells drilled in search of oil and gas, but also data from wells with other purposes, such as geothermal energy or CO2 storage is available.

Data will usually be released approximately 5 years after completion.

Data may either be delivered using the self-service system Frisbee ( or by contacting the Subsurface archive. So far only well packages and/or parts of these (please see below) may be purchased through Frisbee. Purchase of well packages is an average of 13 % cheaper using Frisbee as opposed to contacting the Sub-Surface Archive.

Well data information (Well Data Summary Sheets).


Well packages
In the well packages we have collected all the basic data from each well:

  • Scanned copies in PDF format of all the reports GEUS, in accordance with the sub-surface act, has received from the operator, except drilling programme, well site studies and interpretation reports. In Pdf-format.
  • Scanned Core Photos in TIFF & JPEG format.
  • Raster scanned images of all logs in TIFF & PDF format.
  • Digital log data in original format (fx LIS/DLIS/LAS)
  • VSP data in original format (fx SEG-Y).
  • GEUS merged log data in LAS format.
  • Deviation/position data in LAS/ASCII format.

All data released later than 2004 has undergone a special quality control and is delivered with an expanded set of metadata and an index of the data contained in the well package.

Please note: not all data mentioned above is available from all wells and GEUS may not have received all the above mentioned data for any given well.

The price for a well package depends on how many data is included. Buying a complete well package will elicit a larger discount than buying parts of the package as for instance all the reports or just one report. Prices for the individual wells may be seen in the self-service system Frisbee.

Single logs, reports, photos etc.
It is also possible to buy single parts of the well packages through Frisbee. Prices are somewhat higher as you do not obtain the discount achieved when buying the entire well packages.

Free well data
You may download completion reports and deviation data for free through Frisbee.
For further information please see: dk_well_data_frisbee_hand-out_2015.pdf

Lithostratigraphic database
GEUS lithostratigraphic database in digital format includes depth and two way time to the top of formations in released Danish exploration and appraisal wells. Data is delivered on CD-Rom. Please note: the database has not been updated since 1997. Price: DKK 25,000. Contact:

Terms of delivery
All data sold are GEUS propriety data. Purchased copies of data or any part of them may not be given, lent, leased, resold or in any other way distributed to any third party.
For further information please see GEUS_Terms_of_Delivery_Version_20_08_2014.pdf
All prices are calculated for one company, VAT not included.

Group reduction
If the data are to be included in the common database for e.g. a license group each company in the group has to purchase a copy of the data. GEUS offers group reductions as listed below:

  • First company pays 100% (full price)
  • Second company pays 70% (of the full price)
  • Third and following companies pays 45% (of the full price)

Group reduction - buying data through Frisbee
Purchasing data through Frisbee you will obtain group reduction when the entire purchase is made in the same process (one purchase). If a new license partner joins later, this company can also get data at a discount through Frisbee. This requires that the company which originally bought the data contacts GEUS and confirms this.

Price list of well packages (Denmark)

The prices of well packages can now be found at

Price list of well packages (Greenland)

Hellefisk-1 DKK
Ikermiut-1 DKK
Kangâmiut-1 DKK
Nukik-1 DKK
Nukik-2 DKK
Qulleq-1 DKK

For further information please contact:

Department of Geophysics - Subsurface Archive

Well data - Deep wells