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Geology of Greenland Survey Bulletin

List of publications of the Geology of Greenland Survey Bulletin
Scientific, internationally reviewed papers based on research results from Greenland and off-shore areas, as well as comparable conditions in, or relationships to, the north Atlantic and Arctic.

The annual Review of Greenland activities is a special bulletin. It contains review articles on primary activities written in a style that enables other than professionals to get an all-round impression of research in Greenland. The articles are checked by at least two referees who are not necessarily external. Articles in Review of Greenland activities bulletins are available as pdf-files from 1996 to present.

Geology of Greenland Survey Bulletin (starts with no. 173) is a continuation of Bulletin Grønlands Geologiske Undersøgelse and incorporates Rapport Grønlands Geologiske Undersøgelse.

The fusion in 1995 of the Geological Survey of Greenland (Grønlands Geologiske Undersøgelse - GGU) and the Geological Survey of Denmark (Danmarks Geologiske Undersøgelse - DGU) produced a new national geological survey, Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (Danmarks og Grønlands Geologiske Undersøgelse - GEUS).

GEUS copyright clause: Geological of Greenland Survey Bulletin is a peer-reviewed, scientific publication with an intended purpose of disseminating information and knowledge to an international audience. Thus, the Bulletin in electronic form is free to individuals and institutions. Downloaded copies of this journal or articles in this journal may be distributed for research or educational purposes without charge, provided that all appropriate citation information is included. However, any commercial use of the Bulletin or the articles contained herein is expressly prohibited without the written consent of the editor and publisher.

Chief editor: Adam A. Garde, (primarily hard-rock geology)
Permanent scientific editors: Jon R. Ineson, (primarily stratigraphy and sedimentology) 
and Ole Bennike, (editor of Review of Survey Activities)


191: Review of Greenland Activities 2001 / Edited by A.K. Higgins, Karsten Secher and Martin Sønderholm 2002

190: The Ilímaussaq alkaline complex, South Greenland: status of mineralogical research with new results / Edited by Henning Sørensen

189: Review of Greenland Activities 2000 / Edited by A. K. Higgins and Karsten Secher 2001 

188: The structure of the Cretaceous?Palaeogene sedimentary-volcanic area of Svartenhuk Halvø, central West Greenland / Larsen J.G.; Pulvertaft T.C.R. 

187: Palynology and deposition in the Wandel Sea Basin, eastern North Greenland 

186: Review of Greenland Activities 1999 / Edited by Dawes P.R. and Higgins A.K. 2000 

185: Greenland from Archaean to Quaternary. Descriptive text to the Geological map of Greenland, 1:2 500 000. / Henriksen N.; Higgins A.K.; Kalsbeek F.; Pulvertaft T.C.R.  - Replaced by Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland Bulletin 18, 2009

184: Collected research papers: palaeontology, geochronology, geochemistry 

183: Review of Greenland Activities 1998 / Edited by Higgins A.K. and Watt W.S. 1999

182: Vertebrate remains from Upper Silurian ? Lower Devonian beds of Hall Land, North Greenland / Blom, H 1999 

181: Precambrian geology of the Disko Bugt region, West Greenland 

180: Review of Greenland Activities 1997 / Edited by Higgins A.K. and Watt W.S. 1998 

179: The Citronen Fjord massive sulphide deposit, Peary Land, North Greenland: discovery, stratigraphy, mineralization and structural setting / van der Stijl F.W.; Mosher G.Z. 1998

178: Lithostratigraphy, sedimentary evolution and sequence stratigraphy of the Upper Proterozoic Lyell Land Group (Eleonore Bay Supergroup) of East and North-East Greenland / Tirsgaard H.; Sønderholm M. 1997 

177: Accretion and evolution of an Archaean high-grade grey gneiss - amphibolite complex: the Fiskefjord area, southern West Greenland / Garde, A. A. 1997 

176: Review of Greenland Activities 1996 / Edited by Higgins, A. K. and Ineson, J. R. 1997

175: Stratigraphy of the Neill Klinter Group; a Lower - lower Middle Jurassic tidal embayment succession, Jameson Land, East Greenland / Dam, G.; Surlyk, F. 1997 

174: The Proterozoic Thule Supergroup, Greenland and Canada: history, lithostratigraphy and development / Dawes, P. R. 1997 

173: Cambrian shelf stratigraphy of North Greenland / Ineson, J. R.; Peel, J. S. 1997 


Geology of Greenland Survey Bulletin