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Earthquakes and mass wasting

​Kort over forekomsten af jordskælv
Earthquake monitoring in Denmark and Greenland, as well as consultancy about earthquake risks in connection with large construction works and advice on collapses of coastal cliffs and mountainous terrains.
Natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and land slides affect the lives of many people around the globe. In Denmark and Greenland we rarely experience natural disasters, although earthquakes do occur, along with mountainous and coastal cliff collapses.

GEUS’ activities in brief

GEUS monitors earthquakes in Danish areas. This is done at four permanent seismograph stations in Denmark and at four permanent stations in Greenland as well as a number of temporary stations. Seismologists register large earthquakes around the world and smaller local earthquakes as well as tremors from explosions, traffic and other human disruptions that take place close to the instruments.

These measurements are included in calculations to predict the location and size of earthquakes. Measurements from Denmark and Greenland are incorporated as important data in an extensive international network of stations that monitor large earthquakes throughout the world.

Seismologists also collect reports on earthquakes from individuals describing their experience of the quakes. This is important data, which GEUS uses to judge the intensity of the earthquake. These reports are submitted to GEUS via GEUS’ website.

GEUS' seismograph stations are part of an international network of seismograph and other geophysical stations that monitor violations of the UN agreement banning nuclear-bomb tests. Finally, seismologists advise authorities and companies in Denmark on the risk of earthquakes in connection with large construction projects such as the bridges over the Great Belt and Øresund.

At the Seismology – Earthquake website you can read more about earthquakes and the science of seismology, and you can also report an earthquake you have experienced.

Denmark and Greenland occasionally experience cliff collapses along coastlines and landslides in mountainous regions. In this context, GEUS provides consultancy services to the authorities on the danger of geohazards. GEUS moreover participates in international research projects to develop methods for monitoring cliff collapse risks.



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Earthquakes and mass wasting