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Climate monitoring

Monitoring climate-sensitive parameters such as groundwater levels, leaching of pollutants to groundwater, and glacial melt.
Throughout the world we are seeing extensive climate monitoring activities to survey the changes already underway as well as the changes that are likely to come. Monitoring is being carried out by cities, where rainfall and flooding are important fields of interest. In nature, GEUS' primary fields of interest are sea levels, melting ice, and forest changes.

GEUS’ activities in brief

GEUS is responsible for monitoring in the fields of water resources, nature and the environment. Monitoring activities include a number of climate-sensitive parameters such as groundwater levels, leaching of contaminants to groundwater, glacial and ice sheet melting in Greenland, as well as the development of natural forests.

GEUS is involved in national groundwater monitoring activities. The quality of Danish groundwater is being monitored in a number of special monitoring wells (GRUMO) and in five land-monitoring catchment areas (LOOP). Groundwater levels are moreover monitored in the National Groundwater Level Monitoring Programme. Groundwater monitoring is part of the national programme for monitoring the aquatic environment and nature, NOVANA.

Furthermore, GEUS is involved in the Danish Pesticide Leaching Assessment Programme (VAP). VAP is a monitoring programme to investigate whether approved pesticides or their degradation products leach into young groundwater in unacceptable concentrations.

GEUS is monitoring Greenland ice sheet and local glacial melt through measurements of the ice melt and temperatures on the surface of the ice, as well as changes in ice thickness and ice movement on the basis of satellite and aerial data. These activities are primarily carried out in the PROMICE project, a project under the Dancea programme (Danish Cooperation for Environment in the Arctic), but also under other national and EU projects. Finally, GEUS is monitoring developments in the Draved natural forest. There is a unique series of forest data on this forest, including pollen data dating back to 1948.


Climate monitoring