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Raw materials onshore – Denmark

Consultancy on sustainable use of Danish raw materials, including identifying the scope and quality of resources.
Denmark is self-sufficient in basic raw materials for building and construction. Furthermore, Denmark has some production of industrial minerals and other products derived from these. Basic raw materials, in the form of sand, gravel and clay, are primarily extracted onshore. There is a rising need to ensure that raw materials exploitation takes into account other nature and public interests.

GEUS’ activities in brief

GEUS assists the authorities with consultancy about sustainable use of Danish raw materials. These tasks include consultancy services for the Danish Nature Agency pertaining to the Danish Raw Materials Act and statements of the scope and quality of resources, as well as consultancy services for other public authorities and companies.

Tasks have included surveys of clay for production of LECA blocks and tiles, as well as surveys of moler reserves used e.g. for cat litter and as an additive to chemical fertilisers and animal feed, as well as in the pharmaceutical industry. In collaboration with the concrete industry, GEUS has moreover examined a number of clay minerals for the purpose of developing a new type of high-quality concrete.


Raw materials onshore – Denmark