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Raw materials offshore – Denmark

Research and development for authorities in connection with mapping marine raw materials in Denmark, as well as mapping and consultancy for industry.
In the field of marine geology, GEUS is in the process of mapping the seabed in all Danish waters. The main objective of this is to identify marine raw materials such as sand and gravel, which are used extensively in large Danish infrastructure projects such as motorways and bridges.

GEUS’ activities in brief

Marine geology at GEUS contributes to mapping the marine raw materials available in Danish waters. Tasks include consultancy services for the Danish Nature Agency pertaining marine raw materials and databases (MARTA), consultancy services for other public authorities as well as for private contractors. As a derived task, GEUS also carries out substrate mapping; an important tool for marine biologists in their work to map marine habitats. In Denmark as well as in Greenland, knowledge about marine habitat mapping is of increasing interest to both the fisheries and the mineral resources industries.

For several years now, GEUS has been conducting research and consultancy in connection with the mapping of Danish marine resources. However, GEUS also regularly carries out mapping tasks in other countries, e.g. in the Middle East, where GEUS is making its expert knowledge available to both public authorities and companies.

GEUS has several tools to carry out shallow-water seismic studies and collect sediment samples to determine seabed sediment types.


Raw materials offshore – Denmark