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Chalk outcrops - reservoir analogues?

Field trips

Contact: Peter Frykman,, +45 9133 3775

  • Feel the chalk
  • Compare it to your own reservoir rock
  • Combine with core workshop

the chalk cliff at stevs  

Stevns Klint

40 km south of Copenhagen. Upper Maastrichtian chalk, the K/T boundary, and overlying lower Danian bryozoan limestone. Single-day visit is rewarding.

  • Analogue flow properties in high-porosity, low-permeability chalk
  • Litho-facies and trace-fossil assemblages

Other localities

Rørdal near Ålborg, Northern Jutland. Lower Maastrichtian chalk with cyclic deposition.

Laegerdorf near Hamburg, Germany. Fracture system in chalk overlying salt diapir.

Etretat, Normandy, France. Large-scale slumps and slide geometries.

  • Frykman, P. 2001: Spatial variability in petrophysical properties in Upper Maastrichtian chalk outcrops at Stevns Klint, Denmark. Marine and Petroleum Geology 18, 1041-1062.
  • Frykman, P., Jakobsen, F. & Surlyk, F. 2004: The chalk at Stevns Klint - A reservoir analogue? 2004/56 The Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, Report.
  • Jakobsen, F. 1996: Chalk outcrops - Analogues for offshore chalk reservoirs? Fifth North Sea Chalk Symposium, Reims, France, October 7-9, 19 pp.
Chalk outcrops