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Contact information and CV

Mette Olivarius
Mette Olivarius
Reservoir Geology

2015 PhD, Aarhus University
2009 MSc, Copenhagen University


2016- Scientist, GEUS
2015-2016 Post Doc, GEUS
2010-2015 PhD student, GEUS & Aarhus University
2009-2010 Research assistant, GEUS
2008-2008 Student teacher, Copenhagen University
2007-2007 Student employee, Alfred Wegener Institute
2006-2008 Student employee, GEUS

Peer-reviewed papers:

Olivarius, M., Bjerager, M., Keulen, N., Knudsen, C., Kokfelt, T.F., in press. Provenance of basinal sandstones in the Upper Jurassic Hareelv Formation, Jameson Land Basin, East Greenland. Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland Bulletin.

Olivarius, M., Weibel, R., Schovsbo, N.H., Olsen, D., Kjøller, C., in press. Diagenesis of Upper Jurassic sandstones in the Jameson Land Basin in East Greenland, locally enhanced by igneous intrusions. Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland Bulletin.

Olivarius, M., Weibel, R., Friis, H., Boldreel, L.O., Keulen, N., Thomsen, T.B., 2017. Provenance of the Lower Triassic Bunter Sandstone Formation: implications for distribution and architecture of aeolian vs. fluvial reservoirs in the North German Basin. Basin Research 29 (Suppl. 1), 113-130.

Weibel, R., Olivarius, M., Kjøller, C., Kristensen, L., Hjuler, M.L., Friis, H., Pedersen, P.K., Boyce, A., Andersen, M.S., Kamla, E., Boldreel, L.O., Mathiesen, A., Nielsen, L.H., 2017. The influence of climate on early and burial diagenesis of Triassic and Jurassic sandstones from the Norwegian-Danish Basin. The Depositional Record 3(1), 60-91.

Weibel, R., Olivarius, M., Kristensen, L., Friis, H., Hjuler, M.L., Kjøller, C., Mathiesen, A., Nielsen, L.H., 2017. Predicting permeability of low-enthalpy geothermal reservoirs: A case study from the Upper Triassic - Lower Jurassic Gassum Formation, Norwegian-Danish Basin. Geothermics 65, 135-157.

Vosgerau, H., Gregersen, U., Kristensen, L., Lindström, S., Mathiesen, A., Nielsen, C.M., Olivarius, M., Nielsen, L.H., 2017. Towards a geothermal exploration well in the Gassum Formation in Copenhagen. Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland Bulletin 38, 29-32.

Olivarius, M., Nielsen, L.H., 2016. Triassic paleogeography of the greater eastern Norwegian-Danish Basin: constraints from provenance analysis of the Skagerrak Formation. Marine and Petroleum Geology 69, 168-182.

Kristensen, L., Hjuler, M.L., Frykman, P., Olivarius, M., Weibel, R., Nielsen, L.H., Mathiesen, A., 2016. Pre-drilling assessments of average porosity and permeability in the geothermal reservoirs of the Danish area. Geothermal Energy 4:6, 1-27.

Olivarius, M., Friis, H., Kokfelt, T.F., Wilson, J.R., 2015. Proterozoic basement and Paleozoic sediments in the Ringkøbing-Fyn High characterized by zircon U-Pb ages and heavy minerals from Danish onshore wells. Bulletin of the Geological Society of Denmark 63, 29-44.

Olivarius, M., Weibel, R., Hjuler, M.L., Kristensen, L., Mathiesen, A., Nielsen, L.H., Kjøller, C., 2015. Diagenetic effects on porosity-permeability relationships in red beds of the Lower Triassic Bunter Sandstone Formation in the North German Basin. Sedimentary Geology 321, 139-153.

Olivarius, M., Rasmussen, E.S., Siersma, V., Knudsen, C., Kokfelt, T.F., Keulen, N., 2014. Provenance signal variations caused by facies and tectonics: Zircon age and heavy mineral evidence from Miocene sand in the north-eastern North Sea Basin. Marine and Petroleum Geology 49, 1-14.

Olivarius, M., Knudsen, C., Svendsen, J.B., 2011. Differentiation of Palaeogene sand by glauconitic and geochemical fingerprinting, Siri Canyon, Danish North Sea. Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland Bulletin 23, 17-20.

Olivarius, M., Rasmussen, E.S., Siersma, V., Knudsen, C., Pedersen, G.K., 2011. Distinguishing fluvio-deltaic facies by bulk geochemistry and heavy minerals: An example from the Miocene of Denmark. Sedimentology 58, 1155-1179.

  • CO2 - UPSLOPE, 2017 - 2018
  • Mette Olivarius