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Department of Marine Geology

Jørn Bo Jensen

Head of department
Jørn Bo Jensen
tel.: +45 91333825

Secretary, Bente F. Nedergaard, e-mail, tel. +45 20555246


All department personnel

The Department of Marinegeologi and Glaciology (MGG) works within three main research areas: Marinegeolocial mapping in Denmark and Greenland, surveillance of the meltoff on the Greenlandic icecap, plus climate and environmental history within the latest 5000 years.
  • We supply government counseling to the Danish energy board and the ministry of nature and environment. On marine geology, habitat mapping and seafloor mapping etc.
  • We monitor the icecap on Greenland in the PROMICE project, and work on a long list of research projects and glaciological counseling jobs.
  • We do research on the dynamics in seacurrents in an ever changing climate. Work on vegetation history and development of natural forrests.

Department of Marine Geology