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Review of activities

Head of department
Claus Kjøller

tel.: +45 5172 8202


clkj.jpg Research professor
Jens Aamand
tel.: +45 9133 3565



Project secretary, Helle Winther, e-mail:, tel.: +45 9133 3562
Department secretary, Camilla Sarantaris, e-mail:, tel.: +45 9133 3603

The tasks of the department consist of investigations on chemical processes between soil and water phases in the unsaturated zone and in the groundwater zone, natural processes caused by human activity (e.g. pollution). The different investigations are performed partly for research purposes, partly as applied investigations on environmental conditions for public authorities and private clients. The department conducts advanced laboratories in connection with pesticide survey (groundwater dating, microbiology, environmental chemistry, immunochemistry). Futhermore, the department manages the hydrochemical and geochemical data bases, and advising on geochemical conditions is carring out.

Key personnel

  • Microbiological laboratory: Research Professor Jens Aamand, e-mail:, tel. +45 9133 3565
  • Groundwater monitoring: Head of department Claus Kjøller, e-mail:, tel.: +45 5172 8202
  • Pesticide monitoring: Senior researcher Annette E. Rosenbom, e-mail:, tel.: +45 9133 3552
  • Inorganic chemistry laboratory: Senior researcher Vibeke Ernstsen, e-mail:, tel. +45 9133 3588
  • Environmental chemistry laboratory: Senior researcher Nora Badawi, e-mail:, tel.: 9133 3574
  • Microbiological laboratory: Research professor Jens Aamand, e-mail:, tel.: 9133 3565
  • Light gas laboratory and groundwater age dating laboratory: Senior researcher Christian Nyrop Albers, e-mail:, tel. +45 9133 3557
All staff members in the department
Department of geochemistry