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​Newly released seismic data Greenland

Newly released 2D data from GEUS
7,000 km Deep reflection seismic data off East Greenland
KANUMAS 1991 – 1995

North-East and North-West Greenland
The KANUMAS Project: 1990–96 The Kalaallit Nunaat Marine Seismic (KANUMAS) project was a seismic reconnaissance survey in the extreme northern frontier areas offshore eastern and western Greenland. The project was financed by 6 major oil companies (BP, Exxon, Japan National Oil Company, Shell, Statoil, and Texaco), with Nunaoil as carried partner and operator. 4071 km of seismic data were acquired offshore North-West Greenland and were released years ago.

This newly released data include 5637 km of seismic data off North-East Greenland, and 1323 km data off central East Greenland. The data are the first regional public domain high resolution 2D seismic data from offshore East Greenland. For companies exploring the pre-rift part of Mid Norway and the Barents Sea these data are of great value for understanding the regional tectonic and geological setting. On the figure to the right, the pre-rift position of the East Greenland shelf compared to Norway with an overlay of the position of the Kanumas 2D seismic data are shown.

GEUS Processed data - Prices DKK:
KAN1991 (3,314.2 km) DKK 215,423.00
KAN1992E (604.3 km) DKK 39,279.50
KAN1994 (1,678.4 km) DKK 109,279.50
KAN1995 (1,403.20 km) DKK 91,208.00
Total price all 4 surveys DKK 455,190.00
Available data and reports:
Filtered migration
Raw stack and raw migration
Velocity data
Gravity data
Navigation data
Acquisition and processing reports

Field data and observer's logs are not included in the above mentioned price but available on request.
All prices are calculated for one company and are excl. VAT. Group discounts are available. ​

For further information please contact:

Geological Data Centre - Subsurface archive
e-mail: info-data@geus.dk ​​​​​​​​


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Senest frigivne seismiske data fra Grønland