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Newly released seismic data from Denmark 

Newly released 3D processings
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New! Reprocessed versions 3D data

Previously Frisbee only contained data from the original 3D processings. Now reprocessings have been included, with 40 reprocessed datasets (all data types) covering an area of approx. 18,940 km2.

Visit Frisbee: https://frisbee.geus.dk

Newly released 3D data in Denmark - Prices processed data
Please note:
The prices mentioned below are valid if data is purchased using GEUS Frisbee system only.

When you purchase data using the Frisbee system a discount is included in the prices. If you prefer to order the data directly through the Geological Data Centre an additional 13% will be added to the prices below. FRISBEE

At the moment Frisbee only contains original 3D processings and only the most final data types e.g. final migration or final stack. Other data types from the original processing e.g. raw stack and raw migration are included in the price if listed below however you have to contact GEUS to receive a copy.

MC3D-CGR2010_DK is an offshore 3D survey collected by PGS Geophysical under §3. The survey was acquired from July to September 2010 and covers 2228 sq. km of which the majority is located in Norwegian waters. 284.8 sq. km were acquired in the western Danish North Sea, along the border of Norway. The southwestern corner (Hod extension) is rotated 8 degrees to match shooting direction of the Danish Rita-90 survey.
Price using Frisbee – DKK 149,988.00.

MC3D-CGR2011 is an offshore 3D survey also collected by PGS Geopphysical as an extension of the 3D data, which the company acquired in 2010. The data was acquired under §3 from April to May 2011and covers an area of 623.4 sq. km located in Danish waters only.
Price using Frisbee – DKK 259,441.00.

AHD2011-4D is an offshore 3D survey. A total of 99.9 sq. km was acquired during June-July 2011. The survey partly located in license 7/89 was conducted by Western Geco on behalf of Hess Denmark ApS. A part of the data is acquired under §3. The processing is a 4D study over the South Arne area. It includes data acquired and processed in 2011 (AHD2011), and reprocessed data from the older South Arne surveys acquired in1995 and 2005. (SOUTH-ARNE-1995 & SOUTH-ARNE-2005).
Price using Frisbee – DKK 69,530.00.

DN113DC01-2011 is an offshore 3D survey acquired in the Danish North Sea from August to September 2011 by Western Geco on behalf of DONG E&P A/S. The data is partly located in the area of the licenses 4/98 and 3/09 however a part under §3 as well. The area covers 401.1 sq. km. The primary target of the survey is Paleocene sands located directly on top of the Cretaceous chalk. The prime objective of the survey is to acquire as high as possible temporal and lateral resolution at the target.
Price using Frisbee – DKK 188,845.00.

Please note:
Field data and observer’s logs are not included in the above mentioned prices but available on request for the copying costs only, provided that the processed data has been purchased from GEUS beforehand.

For further information please contact:

Subsurface archive
e-mail: info-data@geus.dk



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Senest frigivne seismiske data fra Danmark