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SEISMIC DATA from Greenland

Greenland seismic data
Seismic data - archive
2D seismic data Greenland
2D seismic data from the Greenland is available from GEUS, provided that the data has been submitted to the archive, and is released. The 2D data is available either as complete surveys or as single lines.

Buy seismic data from Greenland please contact Subsurface archive.

Prices of released processed 2D seismic data
The prices are calculated according to the number of kilometres purchased. Only entire lines can be purchased.
The processing report, navigation data and velocity data are included, provided GEUS has received them.

  • The price for complete 2D surveys as SEG-Y copies is DKK 65.00 per km. If paper copies are requested in addition, GEUS will charge the copying expenses.
  • If data from a single line or selected lines from one survey or more surveys are requested the price is DKK 130.00 per kilometre.
  • Navigation data is free of charge – Download using the WFS service from GEUS’ interactive map.
Field data
Field data and observers logs may be purchased from GEUS provided that the data has been submitted and you have purchased the processed data from GEUS beforehand.
The price for field data is DKK 30.00 per kilometre and the costs of copying and shipping. Please note that the price of field data from a survey may decrease over time, due to reduced copying cost caused by changes of the media used for archiving.

Reprocessing made for resale
If the field data is purchased with the purpose of making a reprocessing for resale, a written agreement must be made with GEUS.

GEUS’ interactive map:
Visit the interactive map at: http://data.geus.dk/geusmap/?lang=en&mapname=oil_and_gas_grl#

The map allows you to search and view:

  • The location of seismic data
  • The location of wells
  • Selected meta data

For further information please contact:

Geological Data Centre - Subsurface archive
e-mail: info-data@geus.dk


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Seismiske data fra Grønland