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Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland Bulletin 38 - 2017​​

​Review of Survey activities 2016

Editors Adam A. Garde and Ole Bennike

The 17 contributions in this Review of Survey activities reflect the wide range of activities currently performed by the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, commonly in collaboration with external partners.

Topics in and around Denmark include the important Danish potential for geothermal energy, a shale gas study, securing seismic exploration data from the North Sea for the public, new information on Cretaceous–Palaeogene chalk and limestone, the importance of GEUS’ Jupiter database for the national monitoring of groundwater resources, study of nitrate runoff into streams from agricultural fields, as well as high-precision mapping of contaminated landfill sites and location of sinkholes using digital elevation maps.
Activities in Greenland are represented by a study of potential gold mineralisation sites in South-East Greenland using advanced statistical methods, delineation of potential petroleum reservoirs in the Nuussuaq Basin using modern hand-held photogrammetry and geophysical logging, and monitoring of the Greenland ice sheet including a new study around Camp Century. A final historical paper celebrates the pioneer Danish geophysicist Inge Lehmann and discusses political issues in connection with the installation of the first seismographs in Denmark and Greenland.


Review of Survey activities: Colophon, contents, introduction
F.G. Christiansen
nr38_p01-08.pdf (pdf-file ~1.6 Mb)

Activities in Denmark

Optimising geological mapping of glacial deposits using high-resolution electromagnetic induction data
K.E.S. Klint, I. Møller, P.K. Maurya and A.V. Christiansen
nr38_p09-12.pdf (pdf-file ~3.0 Mb)

Buried valleys in Denmark and their impact on the subsurface geological architecture
P.B.E. Sandersen and F. Jørgensen
nr38_p13-16.pdf (pdf-file ~2.6 Mb)

Nitrate transport pathways in riparian zones of the Hagens Møllebæk catchment, northern Denmark
B. Nilsson, A.L. Højberg and P. Jensen
nr38_p17-20.pdf (pdf-file ~1.5 Mb)

Structures and stratigraphy of Danian limestone, eastern Sjælland, Denmark
P.R. Jakobsen, M.M. Rohde and E. Sheldon
nr38_p21-24.pdf (pdf-file ~2.1 Mb)

Karst sinkhole mapping using GIS and digital terrain models
P.B. Sørensen, H. Lykke-Andersen, P. Gravesen and B. Nilsson
nr38_p25-28.pdf (pdf-file ~2.6 Mb)

Towards a geothermal exploration well in the Gassum Formation in Copenhagen
H. Vosgerau, U. Gregersen, L. Kristensen, S. Lindström, A. Mathiesen, C.M. Nielsen, M. Olivarius and L.H. Nielsen
nr38_p29-32.pdf (pdf-file ~1.2 Mb)

Pre-drilling geothermal assessment of porosity and permeability of the Bunter Sandstone Formation, onshore Denmark
M.L. Hjuler and L. Kristensen
nr38_p33-36.pdf (pdf-file ~1.2 Mb)

Generation and origin of natural gas in Lower Palaeozoic shales from southern Sweden
N.H. Schovsbo and A.T. Nielsen
nr38_p37-40.pdf (pdf-file ~1.0 Mb)

Activities in Greenland

Prospectivity mapping for orogenic gold in South-East Greenland
B.H. Heincke and B.M. Stensgaard
nr38_p41-44.pdf (pdf-file ~3.9 Mb)
Electronic supplement: nr38_p41-44 Figs ES1-ES3.pdf (pdf-file ~1.5 Mb)

Inversion structures as potential petroleum exploration targets on Nuussuaq and northern Disko, onshore West Greenland
E.V. Sørensen, J.R. Hopper, G.K. Pedersen, H. Nøhr-Hansen, P. Guarnieri, A.K. Pedersen and F.G. Christiansen
nr38_p45-48.pdf (pdf-file ~2.6 Mb)
Electronic supplement: nr38_p45-48 Fig ES1 Stratigraphic summary of the Nuussuaq Bassin.pdf (pdf-file ~0.04 Mb)

Potential hydrocarbon reservoirs of Albian–Paleocene age in the Nuussuaq Basin, West Greenland
M.L. Hjuler, N.H. Schovsbo, G.K. Pedersen and J.R. Hopper
nr38_p49-52.pdf (pdf-file ~0.6 Mb)
Electronic supplement: nr38_p49-52 Distribution of potential reservoirs.pdf (pdf-file ~0.5 Mb)

Greenland, Canadian and Icelandic land-ice albedo grids (2000–2016)
J.E. Box, D. van As, K. Steffen and the PROMICE project team
nr38_p53-56.pdf (pdf-file ~4.3 Mb)

New programme for climate monitoring at Camp Century, Greenland
W. Colgan, S.B. Andersen, D. van As, J.E. Box and S. Gregersen
nr38_p57-60.pdf (pdf-file ~2.2 Mb)

Asynchronous ice-sheet development along the central East Greenland margin: a GLANAM project contribution
L.F. Pérez and T. Nielsen
nr38_p61-64.pdf (pdf-file ~1.7 Mb)

Other themes

The rescue of seismic field data from exploration activities in the Danish North Sea
M.M. Hansen and N. Rinds
nr38_p65-68.pdf (pdf-file ~1.1 Mb)

An integrated public database for geology, groundwater and drinking water in Denmark
M. Hansen and C. T. Thomsen
nr38_p69-72.pdf (pdf-file ~1.7 Mb)

Arctic geopolitics and the beginning of earthquake monitoring in Denmark and Greenland
A.L.L. Jacobsen
nr38_p73-76.pdf (pdf-file ~1.5 Mb)

Download the entire bulletin nr38_p01-76.pdf (pdf-file ~15.2 Mb)

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Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland Bulletin 38, 2017