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​Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland 
Bulletin 33 - 2015

​Review of Survey activities 2014

Editors Ole Bennike, Adam A. Garde and W. Stuart Watt

This Review of Survey activities presents a selection of 20 papers reflecting the wide spectrum of activities of the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, from the microscopic to the plate-tectonic level.

The Survey’s activities in Denmark are illustrated by eight articles covering Palaeozoic stratigraphy, permeability of North Sea chalk, Quaternary geology, seismology, groundwater geology and an assessment of mineral raw materials.

Activities in Greenland and the Faroe Islands are also covered by eight papers. One deals with the completed Continental Shelf Project, three with mineral resources and exploration and three papers describe the Survey’s monitoring of the Greenland ice sheet. One paper deals with applied glaciology in Kyrgyzstan, Greenland and Canada.

The Survey’s international activities are the subject of three papers: two dealing with fingerprinting of heavy minerals in Labrador and Brazil and one dealing with carbon dioxide capture and storage in Europe.

Finally, one paper describes a new method to develop digital models, e.g. for geological outcrops, based on images taken with a handheld camera.


  • Review of Survey activities 2014: Colophon, contents, introduction
    F.G. Christiansen
    nr33_p01-07.pdf (pdf-file ~0.8 Mb)

    Activities in Denmark

  • The Lower Palaeozoic now fully cored and logged on Bornholm, Denmark
    N.H. Schovsbo, A.T. Nielsen and K. Klitten
    nr33_p09-12.pdf​ (pdf-file ~1.9 Mb)

  • Down-hole permeability prediction – a chemometric wire-line log feasibility study from a North Sea chalk well
    K.H. Esbensen, N.H. Schovsbo and L. Kristensen
    nr33_p13-16.pdf (pdf-file ~0.7 Mb)

  • Thrust-fault architecture of glaciotectonic complexes in Denmark
    S.A.S. Pedersen and L.O. Boldreel
    nr33_p17-20.pdf (pdf-file ~0.8 Mb)

  • Consistency of postglacial geodynamics for the Kattegat region, southern Scandinavia, based on seismological, geological and geodetic data
    S. Gregersen and P.H. Voss
    nr33_p21-24.pdf (pdf-file ~1.5 Mb)

  • Acoustic events on a small seismological network – shock waves from thunder and fireballs
    P.H. Voss, T. Dahl-Jensen and T.B. Larsen
    nr33_p25-28.pdf (pdf-file ~0.7 Mb)

  • A hydrological early warning system for Denmark based on the national model
    H.J. Henriksen, S. Stisen, X. He and M.B. Wiese
    nr33_p29-32.pdf (pdf-file ~1.0 Mb)

  • Relationship between groundwater chemistry and the Precambrian basement rocks on eastern Bornholm, Denmark
    P. Gravesen, R. Jakobsen and B. Nilsson
    nr33_p33-36.pdf (pdf-file ~0.6 Mb)

  • Assessment of the mineral raw material potential in Denmark – methods and major findings
    J.K. Keiding, P. Kalvig, C. Ditlefsen, S. Lomholt and P.R. Jakobsen
    nr33_p37-40.pdf (pdf-file ~0.6 Mb)

    Activities in Greenland

  • The Continental Shelf Project of the Kingdom of Denmark – status and issues
    C. Marcussen, F. Mørk, T. Funck, W.L. Weng and M. Pedersen
    nr33_p41-44.pdf (pdf-file ~1.2 Mb)

  • Magma mixing, mingling and hybridisation at different crustal levels: snapshots from 1.9 billion years of magmatism in south-eastern Greenland
    T.F. Kokfelt, S.M. Weatherley, J.K. Keiding and T.B. Árting
    nr33_p45-48.pdf (pdf-file ~0.8 Mb)

  • A quartz-wolframite-molybdenite vein and scheelite in amphibolite horizons from Thrudvang peninsula, Skjoldungen, SE Greenland
    D. Rosa and T. Ulrich
    nr33_p49-52.pdf (pdf-file ~1.0 Mb)

  • Follow-up on Ujarassiorit mineral hunt finds and outreach activities, South-East Greenland
    M.D. Poulsen, H. Paulick, D. Rosa, V.J. van Hinsberg, J. Petersen and L.L. Thomsen
    nr33_p53-56.pdf (pdf-file ~2.4 Mb)

  • Greenland ice sheet melt area from MODIS (2000–2014)
    R.S. Fausto, D. van As, J.A. Antoft, J.E. Box, W. Colgan and the PROMICE project team
    nr33_p57-60.pdf (pdf-file ~1.4 Mb)

  • Unique applied glaciology challenges of proglacial mining
    W. Colgan and H.H. Thomsen
    nr33_p61-64.pdf (pdf-file ~6.0 Mb)

  • Observed melt-season snowpack evolution on the Greenland ice sheet
    C. Charalampidis and D. van As
    nr33_p65-68.pdf (pdf-file ~1.6 Mb)

  • Automatic weather stations for basic and applied glaciology
    M. Citterio, R.S. Fausto, A.P. Ahlstrøm, S.B. Andersen, D. van As, C. Charalampidis and M. Veicherts
    nr33_p69-72.pdf (pdf-file ~1.9 Mb)

  • Digital models based on images taken with handheld cameras – examples on land, from the sea and on ice
    E.V. Sørensen, M. Bjerager and M. Citterio
    nr33_p73-76.pdf (pdf-file ~1.1 Mb)

    Broader thematic activities

  • Investigations of detrital zircon, rutile and titanite from present-day Labrador drainage basins: fingerprinting the Grenvillean front
    T.B. Thomsen, C. Knudsen and A.M. Hinchey
    nr33_p77-80.pdf (pdf-file ~0.3 Mb)

  • Composition of ilmenite and provenance of zircon in northern Brazil
    C. Knudsen, T.B. Thomsen, F. Kalsbeek, J.A. Kristensen, H. Vital and R.K. McLimans
    nr33_p81-84.pdf (pdf-file ~0.8 Mb)

  • Reserves and resources for CO2 storage in Europe: the CO2StoP project
    N. Poulsen, A. Bocin-Dumitriu, S. Holloway, K. Kirk, F. Neele and N. Smith
    nr33_p85-88.pdf (pdf-file ~0.6 Mb)

  • Download the entire bulletin nr33_p01-88.pdf​ (pdf-file ~21 Mb)

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Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland Bulletin 33, 2015