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Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland Bulletin 26 - 2012

Review of Survey activities 2011

Edited by Ole Bennike, Adam A. Garde and W. Stuart Watt Cover, bulletin 26

This Review of Survey activities presents a selection of 20 papers reflecting the wide spectrum of activities of the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, from the microscopic to the plate-tectonic level.

The Survey's activities in Denmark and surrounding areas are illustrated by 11 articles covering petroleum geology, groundwater geology, geomorphology, marine geology, geothermal energy, seismology and monitoring of an underground gas storage.

Activities in Greenland are covered by five papers dealing with mineral and petroleum exploration. Two other papers describe the Survey's monitoring of the Greenland ice sheet and the testing of an automatic earthquake detection method on data from Station Nord, North Greenland.

The Survey's international activities are the subject of two papers: one dealing with petroleum geology in Vietnam, one with agrominerals in Tanzania.


Activities in Denmark

  • H. Lindgreen and F. Jakobsen
    nr26_p09-12.pdf (pdf-file ~ 0.2 Mb)
  • Geology of the Femern Bælt area between Denmark and Germany
    E. Sheldon, P. Gravesen and H. Nøhr-Hansen
    nr26_p13-16.pdf (pdf-file ~0.4 Mb)
  • Rock-cored drumlins on Bornholm, Denmark
    P.R. Jakobsen
    nr26_p17-20.pdf (pdf-file ~0.5 Mb)
  • Methane distribution in Holocene marine sediments in the Bornholm Basin, southern Scandinavia
    J.B. Jensen and R. Endler
    nr26_p21-24.pdf (pdf-file ~0.8 Mb)
  • Natura 2000 habitat mapping in Kattegat, Denmark: an example from Læsø Trindel
    Z.K. Al-Hamdani and L.G. Addington
    nr26_p25-28.pdf (pdf-file ~0.4 Mb)
  • O. Bennike, M.S. Andreasen, J.B. Jensen, M. Moros and N. Noe-Nygaard
    nr26_29-32.pdf (pdf-file ~0.8 Mb)
  • Cliff collapse at Stevns Klint, south-east Denmark
    S.A.S. Pedersen and T. Damholt
    nr26_p33-36.pdf (pdf-file ~0.7 Mb)
  • Shallow geothermal energy in Denmark
    T. Vangkilde-Pedersen, C. Ditlefsen and A.L. Højberg
    nr26_p37-40.pdf (pdf-file ~0.7 Mb)
  • Efforts to include geological and geodetic observations in the assessment of earthquake activity in Denmark
    S. Gregersen and P.H. Voss
    nr26_p41-44.pdf (pdf-file ~1.3 Mb)
  • Results of monitoring of groundwater above the natural gas underground storage at Stenlille, Denmark
    T. Laier
    nr26_p45-48.pdf (pdf-file ~0.6 Mb)
  • Groundwater protection and the role of water supply companies 
    J. Dyrby Petersen and L. Flindt Jørgensen
    nr26_p49-52.pdf (pdf-file ~0.1 Mb)

Activities in Greenland

  • Anorthosites in Greenland: a possible raw material for aluminium?
    C. Knudsen, J. Wanvik and H. Svahnberg
    nr26_p53-56.pdf (pdf-file ~0.8 Mb)

  • From 3D mapping to 3D modelling: a case study from the Skaergaard intrusion, southern East Greenland
    K. Svennevig and P. Guarnieri
    nr26_p57-60.pdf (pdf-file ~1.1 Mb)

  • Geological assessment of the East Greenland margin 
    M.B.W. Fyhn, T.M. Rasmussen, T. Dahl-Jensen, W.L. Weng, J.A. Bojesen-Koefoed, T. Nielsen
    nr26_p61-64.pdf (pdf-file ~1.5 Mb)
  • New evidence for possible generation of oil off south-western Greenland
    T. Laier and H.P. Nytoft
    nr26_p65-68.pdfnr26_p65-68.pdf (pdf-file ~0.5 Mb)
  • Methane and possible gas hydrates in the Disko Bugt region, central West Greenland
    N. Mikkelsen, T. Laier, T. Nielsen, A. Kuijpers and N. Nørgaard-Pedersen
    nr26_p69-72.pdf (pdf-file ~0.9 Mb)
  • Ablation observations for 2008–2011 from the Programme for Monitoring of the Greenland Ice Sheet (PROMICE)
    nr26_p73-76.pdf (pdf-file ~1.2 Mb)
  • Testing of an automatic earthquake detection method on data from Station Nord, Greenland
    N. Karamzadeh, P.H. Voss and G.D. Javan
    nr26_p77-80.pdf (pdf-file ~1 Mb)

International activities

  • The Cenozoic Song Hong and Beibuwan Basins, Vietnam 
    M.B.W. Fyhn, H.I. Petersen, L.H. Nielsen, T.C. Giang, Le H. Nga, N.T.M. Hong, N.D. Nguyen and I. Abatzis
    nr26_p81-84.pdf (pdf-file ~0.3 Mb)
  • Rock phosphate and lime for small-scale farming in Tanzania, East Africa
    P. Kalvig, N. Fold, J.B. Jønsson and E.E. Mshiu
    nr26_p85-88.pdf (pdf-file ~0.4 Mb)

Download the entire bulletin nr26_p01-88.pdf (pdf-file ~13.4 Mb)

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Vol. 26 Geol. Surv. Den. Greenl. Bull.