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Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland Bulletin 20 - 2010

Review of Survey activities 2009 

Edited by Ole Bennike, Adam A. Garde and W. Stuart Watt

This Review of Survey activities presents a selection of 23 papers reflecting the wide spectrum of activities of the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, from the microscopic to the plate-tectonic level. In addition, an obituary about the former director of the Geological Survey of Greenland (GGU), Knud Ellitsgaard-Rasmussen, is included together with a short overview of the history of GGU.

The Survey's activities in the Danish region are illustrated by six articles covering petroleum exploration, geothermal reservoirs in Denmark, a Miocene wave-dominated delta, radon problems and recent man-made nutrient changes in a lake. Three other articles from this geographical area describe applied marine geology, Quaternary stratigraphy and methods of mapping deep groundwater reservoirs.

Activities in Greenland and the Faroe Islands are covered by nine papers dealing with mineral and petroleum exploration and climate history, the influence of recent climate change on the Greenland ice sheet and current investigations related to extended continental shelf claims offshore Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

The Survey's international activities are the subject of four papers, dealing with Tanzania, Vietnam and China.

The last article describes a new method to analyse and present scanning electron microscopy data.


  • Colophon, contents and introduction
    F.G. Christiansen
    nr20_p001-008.pdf (pdf-file ~1 Mb)


  • Knud Ellitsgaard-Rasmussen, 23 June 1923 – 1 December 2009
    N. Henriksen and T.C.R. Pulvertaft
    nr20_p009-014.pdf (pdf-file ~1.4 Mb)

Activities in Scandinavia

  • Late Cretaceous basin development of the southern Danish Central Graben
    F. Jakobsen and C. Andersen
    nr20_p015-018.pdf (pdf-file ~0.9 Mb)
  • Identifying potential geothermal reservoirs in Denmark
    A. Mathiesen, L.H. Nielsen and T. Bidstrup
    nr20_p019-022.pdf (pdf-file ~0.8 Mb)
  • Distribution and grain size of sand in the Miocene wave-dominated Billund delta, Denmark
    E.S. Rasmussen and J. Bruun-Petersen
    nr20_p023-026.pdf (pdf-file ~0.6 Mb)
  • 3-D geological modelling of the Egebjerg area, Denmark, based on hydrogeophysical data
    F. Jørgensen, R.R. Møller, P.B.E. Sandersen and L. Nebel
    nr20_p027-030.pdf (pdf-file ~0.6 Mb)
  • Late Quaternary geology of a potential wind-farm area in the Kattegat, southern Scandinavia
    J.O. Leth and B. Novak
    nr20_p031-034.pdf (pdf-file ~0.8  Mb)
  • Amino acid analysis of pre-Holocene foraminifera from Kriegers Flak in the Baltic Sea
    O. Bennike and B. Wagner
    nr20_p035-038.pdf (pdf-file ~0.4 Mb)
  • Radon content in Danish till deposits: relationship with redox conditions and age
    P. Gravesen and P.R. Jakobsen
    nr20_p039-042.pdf (pdf-file ~1.4 Mb)
  • Recent changes in the nutrient status of a soft-water Lobelia lake, Hampen Sø, Denmark
    K. Weckström, P. Rasmussen, B.V. Odgaard, T.J. Andersen, T. Virtanen and J. Olsen
    nr20_p043-046.pdf (pdf-file ~0.4 Mb)
  • Silica diagenesis and its effect on porosity of upper Maastrichtian chalk – an example from the Eldfisk Field, the North Sea
    H.B. Madsen
    nr20_p047-050.pdf (pdf-file ~0.4 Mb)

Activities in Greenland and the Faroe Islands

  • The Continental Shelf Project of the Kingdom of Denmark – status at the beginning of 2010
    C. Marcussen and M.V. Heinesen
    nr20_p051-054.pdf (pdf-file ~4.1 Mb)
  • Greenland ice sheet monitoring network (GLISN): a seismological approach
    T. Dahl-Jensen, T.B. Larsen, P.H. Voss and the GLISN group
    nr20_p055-058.pdf (pdf-file ~0.7 Mb)
  • The mineral resource assessment project, South-East Greenland: year one
    B.M. Stensgaard, J. Kolb, T.F.D. Nielsen, S.D. Olsen, L. Pilbeam, D. Lieber and A. Clausen
    nr20_p059-062.pdf (pdf-file ~1.9 Mb)
  • Characterisation of host rocks and hydrothermal alteration of the Qussuk gold occurrence, southern West Greenland
    D.M. Schlatter and R. Christensen
    nr20_p063-066.pdf (pdf-file ~0.4 Mb)
  • Zircon record of the igneous and metamorphic history of the Fiskenæsset anorthosite complex in southern West Greenland
    N. Keulen, T. Næraa, T.F. Kokfelt, J.C. Schumacher and A. Scherstén
    nr20_p067-070.pdf (pdf-file ~ 3 Mb)
  • Application of airborne hyperspectral data to mineral exploration in North-East Greenland
    T. Tukiainen and B. Thomassen
    nr20_p071-074.pdf (pdf-file ~1.5 Mb)
  • Study of a Palaeogene intrabasaltic sedimentary unit in southern East Greenland: from 3-D photogeology to micropetrography
    H. Vosgerau, P. Guarnieri, R. Weibel, M. Larsen, C. Dennehy, E.V. Sørensen and C. Knudsen
    nr20_p075-078.pdf (pdf-file ~1 Mb)
  • An advancing glacier in a recessive ice regime: Berlingske Bræ, North-West Greenland
    P.R. Dawes and D. van As
    nr20_p079-082.pdf (pdf-file ~0.6 Mb)
  • Bathymetry, shallow seismic profiling and sediment coring in Sermilik near Helheimgletscher, South-East Greenland
    C.S. Andresen, N. Nørgaard-Pedersen, J.B. Jensen and B. Larsen
    nr20_p083-086.pdf (pdf-file ~1.3 Mb)

International activities

  • Borax – an alternative to mercury for gold extraction by small-scale miners: introducing the method in Tanzania
    P.W.U. Appel and J.B. Jønsson
    nr20_p087-090.pdf (pdf-file ~0.3 Mb)
  • Vietnamese sedimentary basins: geological evolution and petroleum potential
    M.B.W. Fyhn, H.I. Petersen, A. Mathiesen, L.H. Nielsen, S.A.S. Pedersen, S. Lindström, J.A. Bojesen-Koefoed, I. Abatzis and L.O. Boldreel
    nr20_p091-094.pdf (pdf-file ~0.7 Mb)
  • Potential for permanent geological storage of CO2 in China: the COACH project
    N.E. Poulsen
    nr20_p095-098.pdf (pdf-file ~0.4 Mb)
  • Thin-skinned thrust-fault tectonics offshore south-west Vietnam
    S.A.S. Pedersen, L.O. Boldreel, E.B. Madsen, M.B. Filtenborg and L.H. Nielsen
    nr20_p099-102.pdf (pdf-file ~0.6 Mb)

Web analysis and presentation of geo-data

  • Interactive web analysis and presentation of computer-controlled scanning electron microscopy data
    P. Riisager, N. Keulen, U. Larsen, R.K. McLimans, C. Knudsen and J. Tulstrup
    nr20_p103-106.pdf (pdf-file ~0.6 Mb)

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