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> Forsiden > Publikationer > Geology of Greenland Survey Bulletin > Vol. 176 Geol. Greenl. Surv. Bull. > Airborne geophysical surveys in Greenland - 1996 update

Geology of Greenland Survey Bulletin 176 - 1997

Review of Greenland Activities 1996, pp. 75-79: Airborne geophysical surveys in Greenland - 1996 update
Robert W. Stemp

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Two major airborne geophysical surveys were carried out in 1996, the third year of a planned five-year electromagnetic and magnetic survey programme (project AEM Greenland 1994-1998) financed by the Government of Greenland, and the second year of an aeromagnetic survey programme (project Aeromag) jointly financed by the governments of Denmark and Greenland; both projects are managed by the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS). The two 1996 surveys were:
1) Project Aeromag 1996 in South-West and southern West Greenland;
2) Project AEM Greenland 1996 in South-West Greenland.
All areas surveyed and planned for future surveys as of March 1997 are shown in Figure 1. Results of both the 1996 surveys were released in March 1997, as a continuation of a major effort to make high quality airborne geophysical data available for both mineral exploration and geological mapping purposes. The data acquired are included in geoscientific databases at GEUS for public use; digital data and maps may be purchased from the Survey. The main results from the 1996 surveys are described in Thorning & Stemp (1997) and Stemp (1997). Two further new airborne surveys have already been approved for data acquisition during the 1997 field season, with subsequent data release in March 1998.
A summary of all surveys completed, in progress or planned since the formal inception of project AEM Greenland 1994-1998 is given in Table 1. The programme was expanded to include a separate regional aeromagnetic survey in 1995, provisionally for 1995-1996, with extension subject to annual confirmation and funding.

Project Aeromag 1996: South-West and southern West Greenland
Project AEM Greenland 1996: South-West Greenland


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Airborne geophysical surveys in Greenland - 1996 update