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A glossary for GEUS publications: spelling and usage of troublesome words and names made easy

Danmarks og Grønlands Geologiske Undersøgelse Rapport 2016/03
Peter R. Dawes, Esben W. Glendal & Jane Holst

6th edition – February 2016
The report has not been updated since October 2010. Since then the editorial office has undergone a number of changes limiting our possibilities for these kinds of publications. However, we have now accumulated so many new entries (13 pages) that the time has come to make a new edition.

Download the glossary: geus_rap_2016_03.pdf​ (pdf-file ca. 0.5 Mb) ​

This glossary gives recommended spellings for GEUS’ English language publications. Specifically compiled for use in our peer-reviewed publications – Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland Bulletin and Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland Map Series – it outlines the chosen language style of our scientific series. However, as GEUS widens the scope of its cooperation with institutions and organisations around the world, there is an increasing demand throughout the Survey for the presentation of documents, both administrative and technical, in the English language. And because our website portrays our image to the international community, the language used there should reflect our professionalism. Thus, rather than retain this glossary as a working paper among editors of our scientific series, it is offered here as a report in the hope that it will prove helpful throughout GEUS.

Conventionally, much more emphasis is placed on the accuracy and consistency of language and terminology in scientific writing than in everyday communication. However, correct spelling and use of words should always be a primary aim in any text published by GEUS. As it happens, the very first entry of this glossary – Aalborg University – draws attention to the fact that even the names of well-established Danish institutions are often cited incorrectly (see also under Aarhus University).

Many English words have optional spellings. This can be easily confirmed by consulting more than one dictionary; the variety of spellings is radically increased if both British English and American English reference works are consulted. It is stressed that the entries in this glossary are simply those recommended for use in GEUS scientific publications.

A glossary for GEUS publications