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Internet Reading Guide

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Environmental Oil Spill Sensitivity Atlas for the West Greenland Coastal Zone

Internet Reading Guide

Here you will find information related to reading the report via an internet-connection. Please see the page Reading Guide (in PDF-format) for general information on the properties of the report as a PDF-document.

The report is in PDF-format and hence Acrobat Reader (download from here) must be installed on your computer to be able to read it. Acrobat Reader will then open as a plug-in in your internet-browser.

The report is formatted into pages of A4-size ? suitable for printing. Depending of the type of content (text, figures, maps) the default view of each sub-document will be either "fit width" or "fit page".

This report is big ? a total size of 394 MB (of which 250 MB are airphoto-images). If you have a need for frequent and heavyly use of the information in the report you may prefer to get access to the CD-version. Contact Anders Mosbech at National Environmental Research Institute for further information. A few of the maps and images in the Internet-version are stored in a coarser version than in the CD-version. This is done to avoid too long downloading times.

The report is divided into 289 sub-documents with a indvidual size varying from 30 KB to 2.5 MB. Although these documents in some ways are optimized for internet-use you will experience some waiting time while the pages are downloaded to your computer ? depending of the speed of your internet-connection.

The following list of filesizes for the main chapters may be a help in choosing what to read.

Part of Report

Size in MB

Chapter 2 Preface


Chapter 3 Summary


Chapter 4 Summary in Greenlandic


Chapter 5 Summary in Danish


Chapter 6 Introduction


Chapter 7 Users Guide


Chapter 8.1 Study Area Introduction


Chapter 8.2 Areas of Extreme and High Sensitivity


Chapter 8.3 Offshore Sensitivity Maps


Chapter 8.4 Offshore Ice Zones and Ice Edges


Chapter 8.5 Fjord and Coastal Ice freeze-up and break-up


Chapter 8.6 Summary of Regional Observations of Sea Ice


Chapter 8.7 West Greenland Iceberg Environment


Maps of Capelin and Lumpsucker (links from chapter 8.1)


Other links for Chapter 8

0.03 - 1.7

Chapter 9 Operational Maps - Each of the 34 maps

0.7 - 2.1

Chapter 10 References


Chapter 11 App. A: Shoreline Sensitivity Ranking


Chapter 12 App. B: Offshore Sensitivity Ranking


Chapter 13 App. C: Climatic Data for Logistics


Chapter 14 App. D: Methods and Documentation


Chapter 15 App. E: Place Names


Chapter 16 App. F: Names of Animals in 3 languages



1 - 2.5

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Internet Reading Guide - Environmental Oil Spill Sensitivity Atlas