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Environmental Oil Spill Sensitivity Atlas for the West Greenland Coastal Zone

List of authors

produced for:

The Danish Energy Agency

Bureau of Minerals and Petroleum
Government of Greenland

produced by:

National Environmental Research Institute

Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland

in association with

Institute of Geography University of Copenhagen

Greenland Institute of Natural Resources

Axys Environmental Consulting Ltd.

SL Ross Environmental Research Ltd.

Danish Meteorological Institute

Greenland National Museum and Archive

The Greenland Secretariat of The Danish National Museum



The oil spill sensitivity atlas covers the shoreline and the offshore areas of West Greenland between 62°N and 68°N. The coastal zone is divided into more than 250 areas and the offshore zone into 12 areas. The atlas contains information on biological resources present in the area, coastal types, oceanography, human resource use in the area (fishing and hunting), archaeological sites, logistics and oil response methods.

The atlas is distributed in PDF-format, which means that Acrobat Reader (download from here) must be installed on the computer in order to read the report. Please read Internet reading guide, which is a guide to getting started with the report.


In addition to the pdf version of the Atlas, it is possible to view the features contained in the Atlas with the GIS application ArcIMS. The ArcIMS contains seamless maps covering the area 62°N to 68°N, enabling the user to zoom and make queries. The features are divided into themes related to the shoreline environment; biological resources and the physical environment. Themes related to the biological resources are: Human Use, Shoreline Species, Shoreline Site Specific Species, Archeological Sites, Selected Areas and the two themes containing calculations on shoreline sensitivities. One named "Sensitivity - normal settings" (which refers to the settings used in the Sensitivity Atlas) and one named "Sensitivity - ecological settings" (which refer to calculating the shoreline sensitivity without including information on human activities, such as hunting, fishing and communities).Themes related to the physical environment and logistics are: Landings, Inshore Containment, Shoretype, Mapping limit, Unmapped Shore and Shoretype. Further there are some general themes containing the basic maps for the region and the markers for harbours, towns, heliports ect.

All data and methods are further described in the chapter 7 in the Sensitivity Atlas.

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Environmental Oil Spill Sensitivity Atlas for the West Greenland Coastal Zone