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Department of Quaternary geology, Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS)


For further info on the project contact:

  • Email - Antoon Kuijpers:  aku@geus.dk
  • 'OCEANHEAT' project (Danish Research Agency funding 2013-15)

    This project is carried out by Aarhus University (Geosciences) and GEUS with the purpose to study large-scale Atlantic ocean and climate
    variability and teleconnections in the late Quaternary (last 40,000 years). The study will focus on
    five selected regions on the west and east side of the North Atlantic subtropical and subpolar
    gyres. These gyre systems are crucial for ocean heat exchange between the tropical and polar
    region. The study regions are: the 1) Eastern South Atlantic region, with northward flow of warm
    water of Indian and Southern Ocean origin; 2) the Azores-Canary subtropical region with the
    subtropical front separating the warm central subtropical gyre from the cooler Canary Current; 3)
    Caribbean-Mexican Gulf region, the region of Gulf Stream water formation; 4) Labrador Sea
    region affected by Greenland ice sheet melting and polar water outflow being crucial for deepwater
    formation; and 5) Faeroe Island region, the main gateway for water exchange between the
    Atlantic and the Nordic Seas. This North Atlantic wide focus thus has the potential of providing
    an integrated scenario of regional variations in ocean circulation and heat transport and its
    linkage to climate change. Using high-resolution sediment cores, the study will be based on
    multi-proxy analyses including sediment parameters, micropaleontology and organic and
    inorganic geochemistry.


    Edited by:
    Jacob Geltzer, GEUS - jgel@geus.dk

    OCEANHEAT project